I cares the morning with my bare chest,
And lay it open for the birds to rest,
Their wings frozen from the jetstreams cold,
Stomachs growling for food,
For their mouths have remained dry,
Water became frost and fell as hail,

I dance in the sunlight and follow the dust,
The grains of sand that settle on my night stand,
Every morning though I shrug them off,
Some crystals enter my mouth,
My dreams sometimes keep it wide open,

I see the rainbows when it doesn’t rain,
For the water in my eyes clobber my vision,
And leak through crevices set sometimes in cement,
My faith was strong,
My love knew no bound,

The mystery this world is amazes me most of the times,
Sometimes possesses me with fears unknown,
Ugly, deranged and full of scars,
The truth is inevitable I tell myself,
For choice I rarely have,

I sing sometimes to the ghosts of my past,
The lovers those betrayed,
And the lovers that I did wrong,
They taught me many things,
Letting go off the sail once a while,
Sometimes guiding it through the atolls,

But I sometimes close my eyes,
And think of days when I would cry,
Hugging the pillow close to my mouth,
Barely breathing,
For a man must sometimes poke their subconscious,
It carries secrets deep within,
Only to see how far they have come,
The chipped skin on their feet,
The hair that had turned grey…..

32 thoughts on “Grey

  1. So many emotions in your poem Harsh. Beautiful sentiments and lines that are soothing for the senses evoking beautym, love, hope, fear, questions and growth. Really great to see you wrting again. I’ve missed you here. ❤️ Cindy

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  2. Hi Harsh, it’s so good to be reading your beautiful poetry. I was on a hiatus but I’m back now! I love how you’ve crafted this piece. Such depth and grace in each sentence. So many emotions portrayed so well. I’m awestruck! 💘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rishika. I’ve been too away from WordPress for sometime, many things came up and I wasn’t yet ready to be writing again. Glad to see you back😇 thank you so much for your lovely comment. Hope things are going well with you. You must be looking for admissions? All the best. 😇

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  3. Another epic work by you 😇 fuelled up my W.P feed💫😊
    & i felt the flow was like…starting from the past, passing through the present, and working for the future, right from the start of day till night, with a little tinge of seasons of life in between..
    All so well knitted…
    Keep writing, keep sharing
    Have a good day ahead😊
    ..”The mystery this world is amazes me most of the times,…..For choice I rarely have,”..💯These line were just amazing.

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