Lipstick Red….

I standby her mirror,
As she takes off her mask,
The one spectacular, perfect for the world,
She shuns off her clothes and throws them away,
Like a child, sweet sixteen,
Her hair tangles and they merge with one another,
Luscious long hair contracts in her bun,
And she sings songs without a symphony,
Crackling her voice at all the high notes,
Crying where the beats drop,
She takes off her heels and becomes someone else,
Someone I find solace with,
The loose, ill fitting t-shirts of mine,
Hug her like the cold wind of autumn,
I stand there in that very position,
Each day as she runs her course,
Committed to her memory,
And to mine,
Naked, uncensored and sacred,
She turns my world,
Upside and down and sideways and cross,
Each day as I standby her,
With her at the mirror,
Lined with her mascara and the lipstick red……

23 thoughts on “Lipstick Red….

  1. From the very onset, your deeply-meaningful poetry has needed my full imagination to understand the theme incorporated in them. Here in this poem ,the theme incorporated is that men invariably act as standby mirrors(in place of reflecting pieces) when their women engage into their routine unmasking/undressing drills committed to either’s memories at the same time adhering to a set code of conduct and sacredness! Thats the beauty of relationships bound by faith & love!Right?❤

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    1. Wah Sirji loved your addition to this poem of mine. You have beautifully described everything that I wanted to convey in this. We men are simple creatures. We would stand by with anything and anyone that shows even the slightest bit of affection to us and when it is someone as close as our partners it’s completely different thing. Thank you so much Sirji for this addition. 😇😇

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      1. I know I have been partly successful in deciphering the theme of the poem which you intended to convey! Thank God I got it right to the good extent I didnt expect to! ya, you are right that only your partner can afford to sing so freely without the fear of messing with the over/undertones of any song!Thats what is life! Here I was just imagining things and not appraising your poem which is so beautiful,dear! keep happy/safe💖

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      2. Sirji bilkul. A poem is such an abstract thing. Everyone interprets it differently and that’s the beauty of it. There’s no set definition. But i am really glad you could get what i was thinking while i wrote this one. Thank you Sirji.
        😇😇. Have a great night Sirji. You too stay safe. 😇

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  2. “And she sings songs without a symphony”.. Because she knows that the one standing there.. Will be able to craft her seamlessly, without any flaws through his words..
    Beautifully penned harsh😇

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  3. A girl considers herself lucky if the partner is attentive enough to keep a check on all of her minute activities. Your poem is a beautiful manifestation of how caring and attentive one can be as a partner. All the imperfections of a lady are so wonderfully embraced through this piece. It is a beautifully written poem!

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    1. Indeed. I think the same applies to a man as well. We all crave attention in way or the other and if that attention comes from someone we care about, its a complete feeling of satisfaction. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Hope you are well. 😇


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