Nose Ring…

She slowly pulled out her nose ring,
That her mother had placed,
The day she was destined to marry,
This will be your pride,
The weight of your hopes and ambitions,
She would often say to her as she donned her in clothes,
Now too shiny for her age,
Hold your head high,
As you fight through the thick forest,
Standing here since ages,
And will stand for ages to come,
She slowly pulled out her dreams,
And laid them flat on the floor,
For the world to see,
For the world to trample them,
Or give them wings,
She closed her eyes,
And took a deep breath,
As her nose dived,
The ring witness to it all,
Shattered, it fell down on the floor,
The night had just begun…..

25 thoughts on “Nose Ring…

  1. This is so weird that you posted a poem on this topic. I spent some time yesterday trying to understand why it is that I was seeing so many American women atheists wearing nose rings. And I checked all sorts of forums and different websites and I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer. There is a movement online about cultural appropriation. But no one is calling out these women for piercing their nostrils without understanding that many of them are fundamentally opposed to the issues that they are appropriating.

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    1. Oh that maybe a little weird. 😅 I was just going through this idea in my head while talking with a friend. She hadn’t had her nose pierced but wanted to. She was worried about the pain though and about how she would handle the same. Nose rings are particularly popular here in India. Especially for a young bride who has to wear all kinds of jewellery, a typical thought that has passed from generations. Maybe the women you are talking about want their nose pierced because of the same reason or something different, maybe a fashion statement or something rebellious. I am all for cultural appropriation but not the at cost of originality. It’s disrespectful if one doesn’t know the reason behind it, to oneself and the others as well. 😇 Hope you are well Lily.

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      1. I appreciate the culture and traditions very much. I love the idea of decorating our bodies as women. Either with paint or jewellery or costumes. But of course everybody should feel safe and happy with their choice. I hope your friend does what she feels is best for herself.

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      2. I feel the same too Lily. I was reading one article about the civilisation of the past. Men and women both adorned jewellery without any specific gender stereotypes and it was all their choice. Maybe the current situation we all are in is a result of years and years of some thought becoming so concrete in our minds that we associate sometimes jewellery with women only. There might be exceptions in either genders. My friend she is still unsure but I know she will figure that out soon. 😇

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  2. This poem really spoke to me of the symbol of the courage and strength of our internal struggles and in marriage. Growing wings, having courage, diving in and showing your union to the world. It takes both wi G’s and metal to endure. The visuals were beautiful when reading. Nicely penned Kumar. 💕

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