Lonely Nights

I fear lonely nights,
The grey moon that sometimes mocks me,
He has his Earth,
The land to his eclipses,
The haunting wind that disturbs the peace of sleeping villages,
Crawls under my skin,
It seems as if it is an object of habit,
The rigid discipline it pertains itself to,
Up and down below my chest,
It dances even on nights when the moon hides away,
And on days perturbed by jetstreams cold,
I walk through graveyard of my kind self,
The one trampled upon by anyone who made an appearance,
My pigmented, rustic slate,
Once pristine, welcoming to all,
I fear lonely lights,
And the days that come after it,
For night passes with a gleaming monotony,
An affair of eclectic proportions,
And births the day my heart is no stranger to,
The screeching, growl I am used to,
A humming in my ears,
An ecstasy of similar kind,
The one weightlessness might bring,
You know you won’t fall,
But want to,
I fear lonely nights,
The only constant…..

26 thoughts on “Lonely Nights

  1. Kumar, This is a poignantly beautiful poem. It reminds me of my 35th birthday, going through a divorce, in a new city, eating lunch by myself in a Chinese restaurant. I think that is the day I felt most alone in my life.

    Health and Happiness to you in 2021! ❤

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    1. I am so sorry to hear that Cheryl. I really hope you came out stronger than ever before after these tough times. I hope you are well now. 😇
      Thank you so much Cheryl. I hope the same for you too. 😇 Have a Happy New Year. 😇

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      1. Kumar, I have had a very full life…my share of challenges, but more than my share of happiness. After reading your beautiful poem, I looked back over my seventy-one years and tried to remember if I had ever felt the emotions expressed in the poem. I remembered my 35th birthday. I would describe myself as a strong, optimistic, and happy person. As you say, it is the challenges that make us strong. 🙂 Have a great day!

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      2. Wow it’s really inspiring to hear all this from you Cheryl. 😇😇So glad Cheryl I could help you remember something close to you. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
        Have a wonderful day. 😇

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