I won’t kiss you today,
Your lips made of temptations,
Heavenly even for the clouds,
Your voice muted,
I wish to hear you speak,

I won’t strip you naked,
Not today,
For I see so much more,
The clothes on your skin,
Tell stories nobody dared to listen,

I won’t make love to you,
For I want you to see,
The curves on your body,
Hidden from the world,
Your very own,

Lie down as I hold your hands,
Hold them tight and soft,
Slowly strolling towards a bliss,
A fantasy turning to reality,
Close your eyes,
And dissolve into mine,
For I shall bring you close,
Closer than the atomic distance…..

12 thoughts on “Closer…..

  1. A lovely, intriguing poem, Kumar! The poem shows you know that women want to be valued for their inner qualities such as intelligence, humor, courage, and kindness as well as their physical attributes. Some men seem not to know or care. ❤ I think you will make have a very happy wife one day!

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    1. Thank you so much Cheryl. I believe understanding should be the foundation of any relationship. And that is craved by both males and females alike.
      Haha, thank you so much Cheryl. Let’s hope that happens. 😇😇

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