I sip slowly,
For my mind is a catharsis of the fast,
Purging with the intense music,
It sometimes hear,
Up in flames,
Or the mask of entitlement,
It bears fruits drugged with immaculate perfection,
That bereft my senses of their glory,
Same as the wind that sometimes settle,
After a storm,
Aren’t destruction and construction the same sides of a coin………..??

17 thoughts on “Coin

  1. Kumar, what is that colourless substance you’re eating?! Don’t think I didn’t notice that beer. I don’t know why but for some reason I always thought you were a brandy/wine guy.

    Happy Holi to you. I am painting tomorrow. So I guess that counts as part of the festivities.

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    1. Hi Lily, that’s Penne Alfredo Pasta. 😅 hahahaha. That wasn’t mine but glad you noticed. Haha. I do prefer Whiskey over almost anything. Did try wine once that my friend had brought but maybe that wasn’t the one I should’ve started with. Haven’t gotten the chance to try brandy yet. 😅
      A very Happy Holi to you too Lily. Here at my house we are cooking a lot of stuff. I’ll send photos. 😇😇
      Do share yours as well. 😇

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