I draw myself closer,
Closer to the serenity of the ocean,
That moves harmonically over mountains in its belly,
The salt that seeps through my skin,
Open wounds and scrunched memories,
I draw myself closer,
Closer to what the heart says,
For the mind isn’t my friend anymore,
It concocts imaginary devils,
That pierce me with their claws and hooves and horns,
I draw myself closer,
Closer to the idea of loving myself a little more,
For what I have is real,
Or is reality a drama of the mind…?

7 thoughts on “Mind

  1. Kumar, A well-composed and thought-provoking poem about the universal struggles between emotions vs. logic and imagination vs. reality.

    I think that all are interconnected and influence each other. Our emotions color our perceptions and influence our reality. Our experiences elicit emotions, our emotions affect our behavior and our interactions with others…One thing is for sure– self-love is necessary for health and success. I only know you from your posts, but my guess would be that self-love would not be misplaced in your case.

    All the best! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful poem Harsh. Loving ourselves and listening to our heart is always the answer when as the mind judges and analysis everything. It’s a dichotomy because what we tell ourselves manifests into being and yet we are always deserving of a life of love. 💖❣️💖

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