Dear miss yet to come, 

It’s been ages since you and I had a talk. Remember those nights when you would lay in your bed and I in mine and imagine us, walking together on that beach that you one day had made a little sandcastle with nothing but hands, yours and mine. That little roof which fell most of the times but in the end was strong enough to stay. Remember those steps, the initial ones easy to build, but as the height increased it became difficult. We stayed there together until it was complete. The right kind of perfect we wanted, With the right amount of imperfections. It was our little heaven, our escape from the world. A world where we both were failures, where our identities were lost in the crowd, minds churned in the way of the mob, we were nothing. But this place, this little paradise was our relief. Remember how we would run the length of the beach to catch each other and then when we would be tired we would sit and watch the sun go down, the crimson sky, adorned with little stars, a moon trying to wake up from its deep slumber, sometimes a comet rushing away from its tail or maybe sometimes a unicorn in the clouds. It was magical, a dream turned reality. You sitting by my side, holding my hand. Truly. And while I try to hold control over myself, not let my senses go loose, go haywire, turn into a storm, all I can do is look at you. The way a sunflower looks at its sun, the climber at the peak, the eyes look to the infinity. Sometimes you say I make you uncomfortable by the way I look at you. But Dear, it’s one of the least I can do and the its one of the most you can do. Be uncomfortable, turn your head away from me in that way which can kill because I won’t turn away. Many say, one look of the heaven and you won’t need your eyes. I say give me more eyes so that I can capture my heaven in every way possible, infinite, uncountable, multidimensional. 

Now as we go back to our homes, the real ones, I want to remind you how I will wait for you. But Dear Miss yet to come, don’t make me wait too long. There are things we need to do. 

That sandcastle needs a new roof. 

Yours lovingly 

Kumar Harsh 



​She dyed her hair,
As he pulled his stomach inside,
When the day had come,
The land between them had to become a minute,
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Am I the prettiest of them all,
They had asked,
Tuck that shirt in,
Hold your breath,
A little makeup there,
And you’ll win the heart,
Thou shall be yours,
As long as you look the best,
And off they took,
To see the one they had made their own,
An awkward hug, some pleasantries,
Don’t itch, don’t breathe,
Your makeup will fall,
Your belt will break,
And as they took their leave,
Started back to their abode,
Rain poured,
And it poured so heavy,
Everything was washed away,
Her makeup,
And melted his heart,
I can die happily,
Nothing can be more beautiful,
Than someone so serene,
He said,
As she held his hand,
Let’s die,
And be born again,
As lovers of the universe,
The atom, the everything,
You are beautiful,
You are the only,
We need no mirror,
No reflections, no assurances,
As long as we are,
Just two birds,
Flying in this air,
That has a little love,
Little envy, little hatred,
But it let us breathe,
Stay afloat,
Let’s die,
And be born again,
As you and me,
Just you and me,
Nothing else,
Nothing more,
Just you,
And the just me….

When I fell for her…. 

She wore a scarf, 
And a smile, 
She took my breath, 
All in a second, 
She was in a hurry, 
With bags so heavy, 
Running to someplace, 
Unknown to me, 
Days passed, 
And so did the years, 
One day I saw her again, 
In that old little cafeteria, 
She is way out of my league, 
Was my innocent assumption, 
She looked at me, 
And I looked away,
A man may sometimes lose all his senses, 
I looked back again, 
She smiled, 
And I immediately had a universal flight, 
She came up and sat next to me, 
I was Shivering like the baddest earthquake, 
She asked my name, 
And I shyly said, 
This is Harsh for you Miss, 
Miss… She had started saying, 
And I was lost in her voice so clear, 
We planned to meet Somedays later, 
Exchanged numbers and some awkward pleasantries, 
I was lost in her thoughts, 
So much as much I slept with shoes on, 
She had called later in the night, 
And had ended with a sweet goodnight, 
With each passing day, 
And with each night, 
It was impossible to stay away from her sight, 
Everyday she came in a dress so good, 
Sometimes in a gown, 
Or in her cool shorts, 
She would swing her hair around, 
And would let me sleep under their cool dusk, 
Sometimes she would be angry, 
Of things I would say out of being stingy, 
Then I would hold her hands, 
Hum in her ears, 
Of songs she loved, 
She would quickly let go, 
Her anger, 
And would hold me tight, 
As I swing her around, 
Like the earth does with her moon, 
Stare at her and make her go mad, 
Like she’s the one in my mind, 
And in the heart, 
And all places other, 
I would look at her while she made breakfast, 
Can I eat you, 
Would sometimes say, 
And she would run at me, 
With a burning spoon, 
Let me help you with myself, 
What time it would be, 
What would be the days, 
When we make a home so cozy, 
A little of me, 
A little of you, 
Together we would make the best couple, 
Sometimes a walk in the park, 
Maybe a swim in the lake, 
Or an ice cream in the middle of night, 
So much and so many, 
With you it would be all so creamy…….. 

Dear Ladies, 

Sometimes the men out there are too shy to reach out to you. We may be Superman during the times we are in a virtual world. But we do have a heart attack when we have to talk to you. So, please go out there and reach out to us. You’ll be amazed at how a sweet boy can quickly transform with you into someone you probably never knew.(there is not always a motive behind us being too nice. This I can say for me and atleast men like me. 🙂 ) 

Yours Sincerely, 

The men who don’t look you in the eyes while you walk past them or don’t look at you to make you uncomfortable or the ones who will open the gates for you and would listen to you when you want. It’s genuine compliment with us, always. Please don’t take it as our  motive for other things. 

Thanking you, 

The men out there. 

When I am lost….. In you…. 

Can you please hook this button up? 
I cannot reach it. 
She said while he tied his laces. 
As he came closer to her. 
I wish I could stay like this forever. 
Looking at you and nothing else. 
She pinched him. 
What happened to you. 
Where were you lost. 
Nothing. I was just remembering the way to the venue.