I can’t see with eyes wide open,

Baby hold me tight I am broken,

I fall if I try to walk,

Bruises all over my body,

Scars over my shadow,

I cannot hear,

Call my name,

Tell me it’s okay,

Be my eyes,

My ears,

Be my everything,

And nothing at all,

Come home baby,

I can’t see with eyes wide open……


रोशनी का भी क्या कोई मुक़ाम होगा,

ना जाने क्यूँ फिर ये रोशन कर जाती है कई सर्द रातें,

बेजान में फूँक जाती है ये बेबाक़ जान,

इल्म ही नहीं इसे शायद,

क्या मुकम्मल इसकी बाज़ुएँ हैं,

ये है तो सब है,

ये नहीं तो क्या है…..

Mist Air…..

She was slowly diminished from his memory,

The words, the skin and all the roses red,

A century might have passed since I saw her,

He exclaimed while he strolled,

Her smell, her touch and oh god that beautiful hair,

Lost in the shadows among the unnamed,

She was still there,

But nowhere here,

They say time heals the worst of all scars,

She was his time and he was her mist air…….


As the night slowly descends,

The ghosts of the past,

The mistakes, the lost and the smothered,

The boy scared to his deepest bones,

Prepares himself for them,

Those that have chased him for eternity,

Hopelessness, despair and plight,

Everynight they come,

Sometimes shrivels him in his sleep,

Sometimes drop him to the trenches deep,

The boy scared and lonely,

Closes his eyes and tell himself each day,

This all would be worth someday,

For the night is not eternal,

For the plight is not eternal…..


ना जाने ख़ुदा से क्या रंजिश हुयी,
किस वक़्त, क्या समा हुयी,
जिस ख़ुदा को पाक मान लड़ी थी हीर राँझे के लिए,
उसी खुदा से मेरी यह नियत आज ख़फ़ा हुयी…….