मत पूछो ये हाल मेरा,
है थामा ऐसा जाम मैंने,
की सच बोल गया तो,
उतर जाएँगे ये चेहरे सुनहरे,
आज चुप हूँ तो शायद देख रहे हो तुम भी,
कल जो बोल पड़ा इस मेहफ़िल में तुम्हारी,
फिर कहाँ छुपाओगे वो दाग गहरे…..

Do not ask for how I am,
My glass holds a wine dear,
This mouth if calls a name true,
Shine will shy away from faces white,
You look at me for I am mum,
My lips if will spill the secrets in your gala spectacular,
Scars will follow till the memories testify….


For centuries the dam had held in the water,
Standing tall, Majestic, Strong,
The storm came with pebbles small,
And struck the dam in ways unimaginable,
Water now above its flood point,
As she struck him with a smirk obscure,
Sluice gates to his heart opened,
Villages destroyed on the way down,
Cracked at places the dam went weak,
For small lavenders grew in its crevices,
The storm, she filled his reservoirs,
With waters of seven heavens,
His senses, mind, consciousness,
All went numb,
As he tried to close the gates to the dam,
He forgot he had any control…..


When silences speak for the void in between,
Sound loses its worth,
Presence, absence, today or tomorrow,
Incompetent they become…..

ख़ामोशी जब बयान करती है शून्य को कभी,
आवाज़ खो देती है अपना आयाम,
होना, ना होना, आज, कल,
अक्षम हो जाते हैं सब……


The nights, the days all come back to me,
As I try to slither through the darkness,
Of mind, the heart or those billion dreams,
Your voice calls my name,
The sweet, serene and the melodies all,
My wings open to a majestic length,
The storm that’s keeping them packed,
Rains that moisten feathers oh so soft,
A distinctive light evaporates the dew of doubt,
The wind that keeps me afloat,
Takes me to places that make me soar,
And as I close my eyes to see you,
The light stretches my pupils to distances immense,
Your voice calls my name,
And the light guides me home……

Clear Skies

He was a cloud,
Thunderous and white,
That had brought rains to places,
Droughts had devastated,
Green sprung up in places,
Deserts and storms,
But fate had other plans,
She wanted clear skies…..

camera doesn’t do much justice….

The picture above is from the terrace of my house. You can see Shivalik Mountains. The camera hasn’t done much justice to the view.

Snow capped mountains..


कभी सपनों से निकल के हक़ीक़त तो बनो,
इंतेज़ार में तुम्हारे निकाली हैं कई रातें,
कभी आओ मेरी हसरतें भी सुनो,
अरसा हुआ किए चंद बातें,
मोहोब्बत का सुना था कोई मुक़ाम नहीं,
यह बहता है तो बहता चला जाता है,
ग़र है लिखा मुक़द्दर में मिलना तुम्हारा,
अरे ज़रा तेज़ी दिख़ाओ,
कहीं बीत ना जाएँ तेरी-मेरी यें बाक़ी कुछ रातें….

How writing everyday for a complete month has changed me….

Its been six years since I had started this blog. But I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging as many previous arrangements had to be kept in mind. It was in the heat of the moment, starting this July that I decided to give myself a challenge- a challenge to see if I could write for every single day of July. 30 days later and 31 posts ( adding today’s post), this was a roller coaster. I had believed in writers block, something every writer is dreadful of and in past have experienced it, maybe for sometime. However, when I took to myself to write, it really seemed not much of an uphill task. Being able to feel too much and think about too much, maybe that’s what made me write in the first place. The unsaid emotions that usually don’t escape my lips came to my rescue whenever I felt an urge to write. I am very vocal on this platform, more than anywhere else because this platform has made me feel at home more than any other writing platform. I have had the opportunity to meet so many brilliant writers and human beings over the course of time that the importance of this platform is much higher for me than any other. Many heartfelt conversations have happened in wordpress comments section, I have opened up to people and sometimes people have opened up to me.
This platform is much more than just writing or sharing your work. The exposure we get here as much bigger. I have had the privilege to talk to people of all ages and experiences which have helped me grow and improve for the better.

Coming to my challenge, I have tried to pen down my feelings in form of poems that are completely new. You’ll find a poem for each day of July on my blog. This experience has been really an eye opening one and indeed a liberating one as well. I feel extremely lucky to have come across even more people in this time period.

Will try even harder to bring even richer content for you-my extended wordpress family. 😇

If you want you may drop a comment here or may contact me via Instagram.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Your every comment and like means a lot.

Until next time, take care and stay safe.

गवारा नहीं….

क्या हुआ जो मुकम्मल ना हो सका वो इश्क़ मेरा,
पुरा था पर शायद ज़रूरी नहीं,
देख के चाँद रोज़ सजदा कर लेता हूँ,
क़ाबिल था पर शायद गवारा नहीं……

A Queen demands a King…

A King devoid of a Queen may last upto so long,
The Queen builds the foundation of their empire,
Together they forge their Castle in colors of the sky,
The King needs a Queen for days uncanny,
The Queen when she has to be bathed in glory,
Only a King can steer a Queen,
Or sometimes not,
Only a Queen can deliver,
The promises made under the moonlit sky,
But they complete each other,
With nutrition and little rays of hope,
They build each other,
The empire is nothing,
Without a King or a Queen…..

Who doesn’t….?

As he said goodbye,
The winds gently lowered down the sails,
The ocean had just woken up,
The slumber of ages,
The night of the thousand stars,
He looked at the mirror,
Calmly reflecting his self,
It’s okay to let go,
The mirror had said,
The hands that escape your touch,
The sounds that silence your voice,
But I had loved,
He broke down in front of the mirror,
Who doesn’t….?
The mirror had said.


दिखते हैं किसी को आसमान में परिंदे,
हसरतों से भरे,
उजाले से सजे,
होता है किसी का आसमान गहराइयों सा भी,
अनंत, शून्य, अनदेखा,
पर शायद होगा इन्ही आँखों का क़सूर,
समझ के जो ऐसी मुख़बरि की होगी,
तेरा, मेरा, है क्या सबका एक जैसा आसमान….?