कुछ बात है बेघर किसी पंछी की,
यूँही नहीं कोई इतना दिलदार होता, 
रस्ते मैं चलते हुए आज जब पुकारा था उस ठुकराए कुत्ते को मैंने, 
घर तक छोड़ कर गया था वो मुझे, 
याद करना कभी, 
कभी मिल भी लेना, 
फिर कभी रस्ते से गुजरते हुए आवाज़ भी देते जाना तुम, 
यूँही नहीं मैं हूँ आवारा, 
मजबूरी है, जा रहा हूँ मैं, 
कहा था किसी रोज़ उसने मुझसे, 
हस के अलविदा करा था मैंने, 
और कहा था जाते हुए, 
आज़ाद हो तुम मुझसे, 
और मैं तुमसे शायद, 
कभी मिल जाना, 
कभी नाम पुकार लेना मेरा, 
आसमान है मेरी छत, 
यह धरती मेरा आशियाना…. 


Until next time…

It’s been a wonderful ride. This blog had become my life blood, my heart beat, my mind, my heart in words. Three years into blogging and I met so many wonderful people here. Cheers to all of you!

I won’t be blogging for sometime now. I don’t  know when I will be back. 

Wishing you all the very best. Take care. Be well! Be amazing! Keep up the good work! 
Thanking you all for the love and support. 

Signing off.
Kumar Harsh. 

When I am lost….. In you…. 

Can you please hook this button up? 
I cannot reach it. 
She said while he tied his laces. 
As he came closer to her. 
I wish I could stay like this forever. 
Looking at you and nothing else. 
She pinched him. 
What happened to you. 
Where were you lost. 
Nothing. I was just remembering the way to the venue. 

10 minutes of a sweet pie… 

I picked up the phone. 
Something was to be done about the many thoughts going in my mind. 
I dialed the number and waited for her to pick it up. 
For the first time I talked and she listened. 
I told her everything, she listened patiently. 
My mind was now clear of all thoughts. 
She spoke in a voice so sweet.
And I was immediately happy. 
A voice so beautiful, I had a chance to hear. 
She then said, in that sweet voice, a sweet pie. 
Your internet connection will be soon restored. Thank you for calling the customer care. I hope you have a wonderful day. 

It was a dream come true. 

The night had lost its senses…..

शाम भी हसीन थी, 
कुछ गहरी कुछ बेबाक थी, 
वो आए थे किसी हवा के झोंके की तरह, 
जाम हमने क्या था पकड़ा, 
शाम शराबी हो गयी….. 

The evening was magnificent, 
A little reserve, a little extravagant, 
She came as a gush of wind, 
I held a glass in my hands, 
And the night had lost its senses….