The Universe

Somedays the universe conspires to not let you have what you want.

Then there are days when it stands with you, shoulder to shoulder and while sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee tells you, “Didn’t I say so?” while you overlook the only thing you ever wanted. 

It’s funny isn’t it? 

That dream… 

I was walking down the golden street, 
With a little glimmer in my eyes, 
With shoes a little dirty, 
With clothes a little dusty, 
I was walking with a little of me, 
A little of you, 
Hand in hand, 
With a sight so close, 
A shop came with things unknown, 
A scent so serene, 
A vase so beautiful, 
Where things were arranged on a clean shelf, 
Some expensive, some priceless, 
A child on a mother’s shoulder, 
And a little one holding her hand, 
Then a father who carried them all, 
Towards a brighter and a merrier, 
I took a turn to the highway of dreams, 
Hopped onto a chariot, 
Shining bright, with a lever, 
He asked me to pull the lever, 
Wings came out the chariot, 
And it flew above the horizon, 
Where birds had nested on clouds so high, 
Where the wind sung a song so clear, 
It ran across the orchards of smiles, 
Trespassers are welcome,  a board was hung, 
I plucked a smile, a two or a three, 
And filled my bag with laughing thee, 
As the chariot flung again, 
I was pushed back the seat, 
And it sped across the river, 
Where fishermen had spread, 
Nets of cashmere, 
They said hello, 
Offered me a drink, 
And I gave them a smile, 
From my bag shining and white, 
Suddenly the sky had started to rise, 
The sun was eating up everything and sight, 
The chariot lost control and headed straight for the Sun, 
I held the rails, prayed for my life, 
And it all ended up in the light, 
I could hear only a sound so familiar, 
Wake Up Son, The Sun is up, 
And I saw the Sun eating up my dream so dear… 


As he slowly gulped down little pieces of her down his throat, 
It became easy, 
And in matter of time, 
The pieces became his very own, 
A little of She, 
A little of he, 
And the more of them, 
He became a mountain, 
She flowed in the valleys, 
And she was his shine, his very air…… 

This image is of the Triund Trek I was lucky enough to spend Somedays where… 

A leap….. 

A dream found me in my sleep,
Showed me places, goals and rewards, 
As the night slowly dissolved into the dawn, 
It woke up with me, 
Asked me to take a leap of faith, 
Why should I, 
The immature me had it questioned, 
It’s easy to see the one you perceive, 
Maybe a treasure lies under the rainbow…..

Shall we, 
The dream had asked, 
And I closed my eyes, 
As the wind fluttered my wings, 
And let me dive…… 

Joy is a teacher

Things joy has taught me:-

  1. When you wake up, stretch your legs. 
  2. When you are hungry, follow your mother( or in this case, who you think your mother is). 
  3. When you are angry, bark. 
  4. When you don’t want to be disturbed, stop responding. 
  5. Someone who returns to home after a long day, make them fall them over and lick them all over. 
  6. When you destroy that expensive mobile phone, act guilty( but not for too long, or else who will give you food). 
  7. When someone eyes your house or the ones you love, bark.
  8. When you want to play, bring the biggest rug in the house and create a mess. (It can always be cleaned later). 
  9. Show your love everytime you come near. 
  10. When someone disturbs you, bite him. (it maybe illegal in some countries; maybe all.)
  11. Find excitement in small(I mean everything) things. A rolled up newspaper, a ride in the car, maybe a furry cat, a biscuit, a treat, a guest or a simple Plank of wood. 
  12. When you want someone to take you seriously, bark. 
  13. Stand tall against any difficulty. 
  14. It’s okay to be feared. You may walk cautiously. But keep on walking. 
  15. When you want to go out, how difficult it may be to bring the leash, you bring it and make people take you outside because life happens in the open and that you don’t dirty your own house. 
  16. Sniff things. Good things, bad things, smelly things, gross things. Because how will you then get to know what’s good and what’s not. 
  17. Life is as simple as wagging your tail and letting things come your way. 
  18. Sleep, sleep and sleep. But you can wake up to eat and bark,  of course. 
  19. And Yes, get lots of body rubs. Body runs are good. 

In short, speak up things you want to say like you own the your listeners, live each moment like there wouldnt be next, eat like crazy, play like crazy, love like crazy, live like crazy and still of those who don’t believe Joy. I would like to tell you, he is offended very easily. But I think he won’t bite you. But then everything is unexpected, just like life. 

And for those of you who don’t know Joy, he is my yet to grow Labrador baby. 

That’s him. 

Lord O Lord… 

O Lord O Lord, 
Give me the strength to stand, 
When I fall, 
Bruised with wounds of my deeds, 
I lose faith, 

Want to close my eyes, 
The injustice in front of me, 
Dumb I become, 
Blinded by my ego, 
I see no one, 
Make me fall, 
So I see I am a speck, 
No identity, 
Nothing special, 

Give me pain, 
So I feel, 
This body is temporary, 

Don’t be a support to me, 
Let me make my own stand, 
Let me improvise, 
A boil there, 
A spoil there, 
A tattered shirt, 
A worn out shoe, 
The scent of blood and sweat, 
The nectar of success,
When I win, 
Don’t let it stay for long, 
Bring a new challenge, 
Something to learn again from, 
Change the rules of the game, 
Maybe fair, may sometimes be unfair, 
But let the Sun shine, 
Let the darkness stay not for long, 

Send me hope, 
Maybe family, maybe friends, 
Or maybe someone not known, 
I am a vessel of hopes and despair, 
Prick me with holes, 
Of sizes unknown, 
Let me leak, 
Let me bleach, 
Till the colors become my own, 

The winds by my side, 
Days when the winds may take a rest, 
Send me a letter, 
Sincerely yours, 

The dreams I see, 
The goals I set, 
Give me the courage, 
So they can live, 

Lord O Lord, 
Be with me, 
But stay away, 
Let me see, 
The God in me….. 

Shahz had asked me to do a quote challenge, I couldn’t write a quote but this is a poem I had an idea about for sometime now. Please do check her. She is amazing with words… 


सजदा करता हर इंसान कुछ पाने की चाह में झुकता है, 
सर झुकाया जब मैंने तेरी उस मज़ार पर, 
चाहिए नहीं था मुझे कुछ और, 
जैसे पानी मिल गया इस मुसाफिर को, 
सर अब झुकता है सिर्फ तेरे लिए ऐ पाक।।।। 

P. S. – This is a picture of Jama Masjid, Delhi. 

Kuch Teri, Kuch Meri….

Kash kabhi aisa ho jae, 
Tere sapne mere ho jae, 
Lekar chalein kahin dur gagan main, 
Fuslakar, behlakar baithein angan main, 

Ho sake toh le chalna, 
Band baste main voh purani kitab, 
Likhi thi jismein humne kahani,
Kuch teri, kuch meri, 

Raste pe na jane kya kya mile, 
Hasraton se bhare pankh kuch Azaad karna, 
Ud chalna, bheeg jana, hass bhi lena tum, 
Asman nhi kisi ka, pani ko bhi hai koi rok saka, 

Mod aye toh, sambhal jana tum, 
Rasta na mile toh, 
Ghabrana na tum, 
Raaste aur bhi hain, vapis mudna na tum, 

Pta nhi kahan mila voh, 
Lakdi ka madmast dibba,
Garmiyon ki chuttiyon main jismein,
Azaad hote the sapne kai, 

Mitti ke voh bartan, 
Kagaz ka taj vohi,
Rangeen pani tha,
Patang ki dor Bdi,

Pathar the apna khazana,
Koi gol, toh koi chamkeela,
Jeb main hote thi ek hi chawanni,
Koi meethi, toh koi tasveer,

Na jane kisne Btaya,
Un lakeeron main tha jo likha,
Yeh le beta, sapna tera,
Naseeb pak hai tera, hai bhagwan, toh tu savera,

Bdi koshish ki,
Samjhun likha kya tha haathon main mere,
Pta nhi kyun dikha nhi voh sapna mujhe,
Shayad hun main nasamajh, shayad andha zra,

Dekha jab pairon pe khade us shareer ko,
Hath nhi the jiske, but tha josh bda, socha main,
Hathon ki lakeerein,
Likhti nhi naseeb,

Sapnon ki is bheed main,
Ashaon ke is khol main,
Khud ko dhundha hai abhi,
Thoda waqt aur lagega, shayad kuch barson abhi,

Chorh aye the na jane kahan, 
Gale main tang voh Kala saap, 
Peecha karti voh filein, 
Voh tareekhein jo hamesha thi pass, 

Bebas si zindagi ho gyi thi,
Samay bahut tha, par kabhi pura nhi,
Chup chap roz bistar main,
Sula dete the sapne kai,

Kuch saans ab mili si hai, 
Kuch jaan jagi si hai, 
Kya main bhi ud sakta hun, 
Kya main bhi azaad hun, 

Kash kabhi aisa ho jae,
Tere sapne mere ho jae,
Lekar chalein kahin dur gagan main,
Fuslakar, behlakar baithein angan main,

Ho gyi hai subah, 
Asmaan hai bda saaf abhi, 
Dheere se mere kaano se guzra chup chap abhi, 
Sannaton main jag gyi hai ek chingari nyi, 
Udd chalo ab der nhi…..