I want to live…..

I don’t want to die.

Rather live with you.

Everyday, each moment,

When I get to live two lives,

The one that’s meant for you,

And the one for us,

I want to live with you,

As long as the day shines,

And the days after them….



As the cold water reached up my legs,
Slowly calming every nerve, every muscle,
Barely making their presence felt,
The sweet music that the water made,
In sync with the numerous stones,
That lay in its bed,
Perfected to the shape, the size they were then,
The water doesn’t stop,
Mountains turn to stones,
Stones to dust,
Who are we to question?
Why does one need so many answers?
I wondered my legs still in that cold water,
It really doesn’t matter,
As long as we are still moving,
The water had whispered in my ears,
They’ll soon turn to dust……..


As alcohol went inside his veins,
Slowly blurring the excellent vision he had,
Deepening the sense of judgment,
He still drove away,
Away from the excitement of the city,
Away from the scars of the life he couldn’t call his own,
The lit brothels that sometimes brought him satisfaction,
The gory eyes of all those who had expected something from him,
The lights on his car scurring along the curves of the road,
The loud music that had somehow concealed the havoc inside his heart that he had lost track of,
He stopped alongside the road,
Winded down the windows so that he could feel the cold wind on his skin,
And closed his eyes to feel what it was like to be alive,
Took out a cigarette that he had brought from tiny hands,
First puff, second puff, last cigarette,
The stars seem a lot closer than before,
He told himself,
Sat down on the edge of the cliff,
You win today, he cried out loud,
Got up,
But tomorrow shall be mine,
He said while moving back to the same city he had escaped from,
Alcohol had brought him to his senses……..

The beach……

What happens when two broken souls come together?
She had asked him while they walked along the beach.
I don’t know. He said.
Maybe that’s why the sea touches its shores,
Only to bring back messages unread,
In bottles left to float,
Sometimes shells sealed with tears of the sea,
Nothing ever stays in its belly,
Nothing is ever broken,
They all fit someplace,
He had said.


कुछ लिख के गया था मैं,
बारिश के मौसम में कभी,
शब्दों ने कुछ रूप लिया था,
कलम ने बहाई स्याही सही,
ना जाने क्यूँ कई लकीरें मीट के भी मिटती नहीं,
समय के साथ धूल में मिलती नहीं,

कुछ लिख के गया था मैं,
ऐसे ही किसी दिन उस काग़ज़ पे तेरे,
जो दिया था तूने मुकम्मल यह साजिश सही,
फिर शब्दों ने मेरे जब रचा था आशियाना मासूम,
मिलके तुमने बुना था कुनबा तभी,
थी रोशनी, थी कोई कमी नहीं,

कुछ लिख के गया था मैं,
उन दीवारों, उस अशियाने में कभी,
कुछ लकीरें मीट के भी मिटती नहीं,
छोड़ जाती हैं निशान कई ऐसे कभी,
हम तुम तो ज़रिया हैं,
एक कश्ती जिसका कोई किनारा नहीं,

चलो आज उठा कर एक पन्ना नया,
शुरुआत करते हैं ऐसी कोई,
जिसमें तुम तुम हो,
जिसमें मैं मैं हूँ,
जिसमें दिखते तुम या मैं भी नहीं,
मिटा दो वो लकीरें सभी,
बारिश आज तो होगी ही सही……

Pieces of mine….. टुकड़े मेरे…….

कई दर्द छुपा रखे हैं मैंने,
यह जो सिलवटें हैं इस जिस्म पर मेरे,
ज़रा आना कभी फुर्सत से मेरी चौखट पर तुम भी किसी रोज़,
कुछ दफनाने हैं जो बच गए थे वो टुकड़े मेरे……..

No one sees the pain within,
The ones that stay in spaces of me,
Come to me, maybe once in a while,
Some pieces of mine are still left to be buried………