As the time slowly crept,

Days, nights, years,

Sometimes too fast,

And too mellow,

I ran from the things along,

Sometimes a herd of unknown,

Sometimes those known unknown,

Desires sometimes pulled me down,

Just normal human desires,

A craving for human touch,

An ear to listen,

A mouth to kiss,

I ran from places of joy,

Of merry and ploy,

And into abyss,

Or sometimes decay,

Of the body,

The soul,

When clouds would thunder,

Over my horizons,

I would sometimes wonder,

Maybe this is the apocalypse,

The night for the new beginning,

And pull over my blanket,

For I was scared,

Maybe I am scared,

And as I run,

To a place even I don’t see clear,

The storm brewing inside my chest,

The numb of my senses,

The ghosts of my past,

The devils of my present,

The Noah of my future,

Maybe this is the way it is supposed to be,

Face it,

Sprint away,

Maybe the confusion shall always remain,

Or maybe I’ll run again……

The Shine in His Eyes

The winds had murmured in his ears one day,

She’s the one grab her today,

The shy him quickly grew a pair of socks,

And ventured to the unknown lands,

The lands he had always avoided,

The lands he had always feared,

She came like the morning sunshine,

The lands glistened with her shine,

The soil beneath his feet shook,

Run you stupid lad,

Run before she dims away,

And as the boy with all his might,

Ventured into the deepest night,

Followed the path that led to her,

In a hope to be hers forever,

He saw the paparazzi that had followed her as well,

The crowd, the people and their shiny veil,

Maybe she has all that she needs,

The love, the care and all that glare,

What I am is a simple being,

Who has no shoes, no dreams to see,

And as he moved back towards his abode,

Something had caught his hand,

He looked back to see who it was,

There she was standing,

Not the one that had lit the sky,

But had brought a shine in his eyes……


कुछ खुरदरी सी लहरें हैं ये,
कुछ लड़ती हुयी इनसे कश्ती ये,
साहिल की ख़्वाहिश लिए,
कभी साथी थी इसकी हवाएँ ख़ुशगवार,
कभी धोखे से जिन्होंने चाहा डुबाना,
एक झलक में रंग बदलते नाक़िस बादल,
ना जाने क्या था उस कश्ती में,
कुछ ने कहा इसकी लकड़ी है बेबाक़,
या शायद इसका कारीगर था कलाकार,
तभी तो यह कश्ती है आज तक बुलंद,
कश्ती सुन रही थी सब कुछ,
चुप थी,
शायद उसे भी पता था,
वो नहीं है लकड़ी या कारीगर जिसकी बदौलत वो है,
अंदर या बाहर,
यहाँ, वहाँ, सारा जहाँ,
फ़ौलाद लहू बनकर जब बहता है,
निसार करके ख़ुद को जब,
साहिल की ओर बढ़ते हैं क़दम,
क्या मजाल है किसी मक्कार फ़िज़ा की,
या समंदर आबाद,
डूबा दे हस्ती को मेरी,
लकड़ी तो फिर मिट जाती है मिट्टी में,
यह फ़ौलाद ही है जो सदियों मेरा हफ़ज़ा होगा..