A course redesigned it seemed,
Was it destiny or maybe the deed,
The clock ticked with every blow,
Heavy, easy and it all went so slow,
The bonds that are formed with each passing day,
The love that collects with each passing pray,
Is the one that helps us grow,
Grow out, build a glow,
We are nothing but puppets,
Pull a thread and see us tickle,
These threads stay with ones we want,
The ones that stay with us in our every grant,
We want them to pull our threads,
Ah! Is it love or something far more sacred,
Sometimes we find them,
Was it destiny or maybe the deed,
I never knew that I will find you,
Lost in the meanders,
I was all mew,
You say it is deeds that make our destiny,
But there is something definitely called as destiny,
We met over a photo clicked minutely,
I am glad it was you who had created it picturesquely,
I wish this bond grows more than friendship,
I want to share many things more than the hardship,
You are a beauty who remains hidden from your eyes,
Wish you could see through my eyes,
You will see a site far beautiful,
Than the rising rise,
Than the shining sky,
Than the whistling by,
Than the dreams that imbibe.

The days of thunder

The days of thunder,
Are the days I wonder,
The sky is blue,
Or the world is it true,
The wind flow,
The trees grow,
Seasons start,
The days that pass,
The days of thunder,
Are the days I wonder,
The dreams we had,
The bonds we shared,
The people we miss,
The missions accomplished,
Was it worth it,
The days of thunder,
Are the days I wonder,
Things that were left behind,
Doors that were closed behind,
Will they open again,
Will they work again,
Memories haunt me,
The past surprises me,
The days of thunder,
Are the days I wonder,
The sky is blue,
Or the world that is true.

Memories that stay

The feel of her moist hair is slowly drifting away,
Is it me or the mind that is in a sway,
I think about you every moment,
The world stops for me in that very cogent,
You were the one who made me happy,
No message from you would make me snappy,
That time is not gone when I waited for you,
Is it only love that ties me and you,
I never wanted a life without you,
But this life is not a choice even for you,
I am and will be there for you,
Send a message and I will be Standing right besides you,
This world is a grid of threads,
The ones that tie each of us,
Thin are these threads,
It is we who make it strong,
The threads between us will never weaken,
It was us who had it strengthened,
I will now move to oblivion,
You will be a memory I would cherish forever.

A shooting star….

Dear Miss yet to come,
How can i ever forget the day we met. I don’t know how the gears of world move, how they affect the every screw, every fabric of the interconnected relations that bind the whole world together in a family we all term as humanity. Until today I believed that everything is happening just randomly, the stars twinkle, water sprinles over the lawn, the baby cries, cracks appear on the surface, people fade away from our memories, people collide, people become friends. But after today everything random appears to have a pattern. Stars twinkle because they tell that someone is there to light your world, water sprinles because it has to freshen up the grass, the fragrance of which can lure the imagination of a distant writer, baby cries because sometimes it is not always necessary to laugh, cracks appear to bare what lies beneath, people fade away so that they can collide with you unexpectedly and become friends for life. I never thought that I would meet a person like you ever in life for I believed that everything happened randomly. You have shaken my entire way of thinking, entire way of looking at things, a whole new perspective to see the man in the mirror. You know there was a time when I thought there is nothing new in trying. And why should I have tried anything new. My life was going randomly I used to tell myself. But then, I collided with you and I am really grateful to the force that is moving the gears of the world, connecting pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle. You and me are just its part.
The day we met will always remain the day when I saw a shooting star cross by a star standing besides me.