The Child in our……..

The Child in us that demands a desperate attention. 

Read through these lines, I hope you smile till the very end.  

Wind the horse,
Pull a chair,
The Party is to stay,
Dolls, houses and their mates,
Mrs. Little what a grey,
Whoosh goes the car,
Watch out, there comes the mighty bar,
I saved the world today,
Empty that tumbler in a sway,
Here comes a flying rocket,
Let it land in my pocket,
Wind the man,
Push a bear,
My house is in disarray,
Pinky promises, clips and jars,
Mr. Haver what a snare,
Round goes the merry,
Sweetest of all that cherry,
My tongue is blue,
Mine is gone,
Yay! I have a new pair,
Fill the air,
Bake the cake,
Hurrah! I am 5,
Can I drive?
Stitches and burn,
A holiday in the bed,
Who is the strongest of them all,
Take the case,
Never be late,
Mr. Grey what a pace,
Houses of bricks,
Cars of expense,
Everything here is so damm extense,
I miss those days,
Money was paper,
Happiness came in sweeter,
Roads were our runaways,
Home was our hanger,
She came and hugged me,
Papa do you wanna play?
Whoosh goes the car,
Run! Run! I am teethy far,
Child, child, man and man,
Shouldn’t we running,
After things not here in the far…….

The Clothes that Don’t Fit…

Cruising, mixing and then picking,I was at the end all reminiscing,

The days that passed Were an old story,

I was at the end confused in the mystery,

We held hands, took the world in our stride,

Those were the days when happiness came in a small slide,

We jumped in an oblivion of the height,

We ran in an moment full of great might,

Nothing could tear us apart,

But the cream tasted a class apart,

The rain brought us waters of joy,

We would dance never pretended to be a coy,

Clothes covered the skin,

The colour of the clothe was the only thing that distinguished,

I am a doctor,

I am a cook,

I will save the world with my all new hook,

A stage was all that was needed,

An audience was sought never indeed,

We danced to free our hearts,

We laughed to see the falling drop,

Simple was beautiful,

Small so blissful,

The clothes that lie in my almirah,

Are now laughing at me,

See how you have grown,

Remember this spot,

You got on a day too hot,

We are always here,

They said in a tone so familiar,

Cruising, mixing and then picking,

I was at the end all reminiscing.