A course redesigned it seemed,
Was it destiny or maybe the deed,
The clock ticked with every blow,
Heavy, easy and it all went so slow,
The bonds that are formed with each passing day,
The love that collects with each passing pray,
Is the one that helps us grow,
Grow out, build a glow,
We are nothing but puppets,
Pull a thread and see us tickle,
These threads stay with ones we want,
The ones that stay with us in our every grant,
We want them to pull our threads,
Ah! Is it love or something far more sacred,
Sometimes we find them,
Was it destiny or maybe the deed,
I never knew that I will find you,
Lost in the meanders,
I was all mew,
You say it is deeds that make our destiny,
But there is something definitely called as destiny,
We met over a photo clicked minutely,
I am glad it was you who had created it picturesquely,
I wish this bond grows more than friendship,
I want to share many things more than the hardship,
You are a beauty who remains hidden from your eyes,
Wish you could see through my eyes,
You will see a site far beautiful,
Than the rising rise,
Than the shining sky,
Than the whistling by,
Than the dreams that imbibe.