Memories that stay

The feel of her moist hair is slowly drifting away,
Is it me or the mind that is in a sway,
I think about you every moment,
The world stops for me in that very cogent,
You were the one who made me happy,
No message from you would make me snappy,
That time is not gone when I waited for you,
Is it only love that ties me and you,
I never wanted a life without you,
But this life is not a choice even for you,
I am and will be there for you,
Send a message and I will be Standing right besides you,
This world is a grid of threads,
The ones that tie each of us,
Thin are these threads,
It is we who make it strong,
The threads between us will never weaken,
It was us who had it strengthened,
I will now move to oblivion,
You will be a memory I would cherish forever.