​She dyed her hair,
As he pulled his stomach inside,
When the day had come,
The land between them had to become a minute,
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Am I the prettiest of them all,
They had asked,
Tuck that shirt in,
Hold your breath,
A little makeup there,
And you’ll win the heart,
Thou shall be yours,
As long as you look the best,
And off they took,
To see the one they had made their own,
An awkward hug, some pleasantries,
Don’t itch, don’t breathe,
Your makeup will fall,
Your belt will break,
And as they took their leave,
Started back to their abode,
Rain poured,
And it poured so heavy,
Everything was washed away,
Her makeup,
And melted his heart,
I can die happily,
Nothing can be more beautiful,
Than someone so serene,
He said,
As she held his hand,
Let’s die,
And be born again,
As lovers of the universe,
The atom, the everything,
You are beautiful,
You are the only,
We need no mirror,
No reflections, no assurances,
As long as we are,
Just two birds,
Flying in this air,
That has a little love,
Little envy, little hatred,
But it let us breathe,
Stay afloat,
Let’s die,
And be born again,
As you and me,
Just you and me,
Nothing else,
Nothing more,
Just you,
And the just me….


When I am lost….. In you…. 

Can you please hook this button up? 
I cannot reach it. 
She said while he tied his laces. 
As he came closer to her. 
I wish I could stay like this forever. 
Looking at you and nothing else. 
She pinched him. 
What happened to you. 
Where were you lost. 
Nothing. I was just remembering the way to the venue.