बड़ी मुद्दतों के बाद निकला है आज,
छुपा बैठा था सीने में कहीं,
एक राज़ जो ज़ाहिर-ए-जहाँ है,
सुलग सुलग के इसने ना जाने कितनी हस्तियाँ निस्टेनाबूत की होंगी,
और एक मैं हूँ जो शायर बन बैठा……


The Earth had slowly moved,

Days somewhere,

Nights elsewhere,

Commotion someplace,

Serenity everywhere else,

Sunlight slowly grazed upon the motionless earth,

Moonlight over the back,

The golden light had fell over her heavenly eyes,

Just like a spotlight over a dark stage,

She glowed like the brightest star,

The ones that could shine through galaxies and time and space,

She opened her eyes,

Good Morning I had said,

A smile had just adorned her face,

Like the ones they write about in novels great,

The ones that are satisfying in their very own ways,

Those that give you the reason to believe that you have everything in the world,

And why wouldn’t it,

She is the star my universe had ever needed,

My end and my beginning……

Mist Air…..

She was slowly diminished from his memory,

The words, the skin and all the roses red,

A century might have passed since I saw her,

He exclaimed while he strolled,

Her smell, her touch and oh god that beautiful hair,

Lost in the shadows among the unnamed,

She was still there,

But nowhere here,

They say time heals the worst of all scars,

She was his time and he was her mist air…….


कुछ इस क़दर गये थे तुम,

आज भी उन सिलवटों को काग़ज़ पर उतारने कि कोशिश कर रहा हूँ,

ना जाने कैसा ख़ुमार था कशिश में तुम्हारी,

मैं आज भी अपना पैमाना ढूंढ रहा हूँ…….

She fell from the stars….

She fell from the stars,

Right into his life,

Who says miracles dont happen,

An angel loved a man,

For what he was,

And he loved her,

The imperfectly perfect she,

Do forms matter,

Do souls seek each other by physical,

Or is the energy that attracts,

He had always asked,

That day he got answers,

She fell from the stars,

And stayed forever…..

Pieces of mine….. टुकड़े मेरे…….

कई दर्द छुपा रखे हैं मैंने,
यह जो सिलवटें हैं इस जिस्म पर मेरे,
ज़रा आना कभी फुर्सत से मेरी चौखट पर तुम भी किसी रोज़,
कुछ दफनाने हैं जो बच गए थे वो टुकड़े मेरे……..

No one sees the pain within,
The ones that stay in spaces of me,
Come to me, maybe once in a while,
Some pieces of mine are still left to be buried………


कुछ फुर्सत से बनाई होगी यह निगाह मेरी तूने,
देखता भी मैं तुझे हूँ,
दिखता भी तू नहीं है,
फिर भी जब कहीं सजदा कर लेता हूँ किसी मज़ार पर तेरी,
हवाएं चुपके से केह जाती हैं इन कानो में मेरे,
अल्ला हू अल्ला हू अल्ला हू….