मत पूछो ये हाल मेरा,
है थामा ऐसा जाम मैंने,
की सच बोल गया तो,
उतर जाएँगे ये चेहरे सुनहरे,
आज चुप हूँ तो शायद देख रहे हो तुम भी,
कल जो बोल पड़ा इस मेहफ़िल में तुम्हारी,
फिर कहाँ छुपाओगे वो दाग गहरे…..

Do not ask for how I am,
My glass holds a wine dear,
This mouth if calls a name true,
Shine will shy away from faces white,
You look at me for I am mum,
My lips if will spill the secrets in your gala spectacular,
Scars will follow till the memories testify….

Company of Women…..

I seek the company of women,
The swaying of the earth,
And the wobble of the ground,
Distances mean nothing to me,
I feel warmth through the air,
Lust, thirst or the ache in my body,
The slow movement of blood,
Rises to my temple,
A woman does that to you,
Or maybe something invisible,
The dire need of the hour,
Rock solid her foundations,
She carries royalty in her palanquin,
Her body her abode,
Her mind her greatest power,
She can scorch the fields with her eyes,
Or calm the oceans with her touch,
I seek the company of women,
For they destroy you or build you again,
Fortunate are you if both are one,
Its the meek those sometimes think they can dominate her,
Foolish, ignorant, unaware,
For she lets one handle her,
Channel her energy,
Royalty resides in her every fabric,
And thunders in her nails,
Eyes of perversion rarely see,
The perils that invade her,
On days that aren’t kind to her,
As she fights silently with the criminals,
Other than those which frequent her,
But still each day brings sunshine,
The fortunate ones to know her,
For she keeps secret in her heart,
The world couldn’t bear to know,
They say to know a woman is to know the universe,
How true it seems,
Proliferation starts from her womb,
And ends in her navel,
I seek the company of women,
To be a part of their ascent to clouds,
The endless flight in speed of light,
As they guide me through the galaxies unseen…….


The birds chirp and announce the start of the day,
As you slowly open the drapes,
And rays of Sun turn you golden,
Magical, splendid, like a work of art,
Exquisite only for me,
The wind plays with your hair,
Gently, not to disturb the sheer randomness that they are in,
My eyes absorbing this very moment,
Standing by the window sill, you look to infinity,
Maybe a thought that crossed your mind,
And you bite your lips,
A nerve here turned numb,
My eyes focus on you,
Those lips that speaks volumes,
Soft, like a feather,
That sometimes caresses my hardwood floors,
Brings them floods and warmth,
Of something celestial, godly, natural,
I hold on to this moment, this sensation,
My words a travesty to what you create,
Everyday as you kiss me morning,
And call my name,
I smile as reality seems mesmerising,
As reality is you…..


She burned through the night,
As he slowly disobeyed her every rule,
Drinking the nectar of passion,
Soaked in sweat sweet,
He let her fall,
And turned her on again,
Losing breaths here and after,
They stopped for a sip of water,
And a puff of cigarette,
The air intoxicated as well,
The flicker of the bulb too,
Annihilation seemed inevitable now,
But she, she wanted more……

I ask for your consent…..

Let me for a day,
Fill your valleys with roses pink,
The land dried without warmth,
A drought of million years,
And sow the seeds of love,
For the soil can still bear fruits,
I like to believe so,

Let me take you to the other side,
The Sun never sets,
Moon in its admiration each day,
And rub some celestial dust,
Your wings clipped before you could sail,
Powerful enough to carry mountains,
I can see them unfurl,

Let me kiss you slowly,
For deserts sometimes sigh in relief,
As rain seldom touches their facade,
Filled with sand, their hearts beat irregularly,
Earthquakes in their belly,
They can create oceans or mountains,
I plant mangoes in rows,

Let me close your eyes,
And bring you the news far of the north,
The things that escape your eyes,
Your vision I become,
The curves on your body,
And those behind your veils,
I etch my dreams on your skin,

Talk to me as I try to hold your hands,
Corrosion was not merciful,
And the storms didn’t settle,
For I’ll be your escape into imaginary,
Turning them to reality my only goal,
Let me bring you flowers,
I ask only for your consent….

Trying my hands at digital drawing…


Drifting aimlessly through furrows of my past,
If someday I get lost,
Call my name with all the love you got,
For anything less wouldn’t reach my heart,
Breathe the winds slowly and moist,
The warmth will drive the frost away,
And sing me lullabies as I become deaf,
Melodies mixed with a tumbler of blood,
The dry veins and the sunken lungs,
I will if not today reach you someday,
Feet burning, stubble in a disarray,
The rivers, they carry my body,
Tries to sink but stays afloat,
I will if not today see you someday,
Meet you over plantations of coffee,
To bury the scents of my crimes,
Take my hand, do not refuse,
And guide me to the lights supreme,
For I am lost or will be soon,
Is it today or tomorrow or a year ago,
I will find you someday,
Lest my memory doesn’t betray…..


For centuries the dam had held in the water,
Standing tall, Majestic, Strong,
The storm came with pebbles small,
And struck the dam in ways unimaginable,
Water now above its flood point,
As she struck him with a smirk obscure,
Sluice gates to his heart opened,
Villages destroyed on the way down,
Cracked at places the dam went weak,
For small lavenders grew in its crevices,
The storm, she filled his reservoirs,
With waters of seven heavens,
His senses, mind, consciousness,
All went numb,
As he tried to close the gates to the dam,
He forgot he had any control…..

Act Divine….

Hello there, the following is something I am trying my hands at and maybe the first one I have made public. This maybe a little too sensitive for the readers who still aren’t adult. My apologies for the same. Please skip this if you aren’t an adult. Thank You. May you enjoy reading.

Cruising along her highways green,
He had stumbled upon a cave,
The cave littered with the orbs ancient,
Pieces of her heart buried along milestones,
For long her highway was used,
Travellers stopped and proceeded,
Looked and used,
Never to return,
Never to repair,
He slowly stopped himself,
Onto the entrance pristine,
As he had thought,
For him the cave was a sanctuary,
Away from reality,
Nirvana, Moksha, Tranquility,
As he kissed her caves,
Her moist lips,
Soft, sunken, taken for granted,
Clouds brought thunderstorm with them,
Flooded with the first rain,
Their kiss seemed an oasis,
Magma had started to flow,
Taking over them,
Taking over her snowy, igneous body,
Unloved, unkempt, uneven,
Centuries passed in a whiplash,
Entangled in one another,
They slowly unraveled each other,
As she became a Chimera,
And he learnt to tame her,
Only for that moment,
He took off her vegetation,
And his asphalt,
As they lay disrobed,
In arms of one another,
The heat had risen to celsius in thousands,
His lengths concealed in her Volcanoes,
Intertwined together for eternities,
They made love to one another,
And filled the valleys with rivers,
That reflected the colour of their skies,
Blue and red,
Eons had passed as they moved from galaxies to galaxies,
And the hustling of their riveting parts,
They stopped when their cores ran dry,
And Happiness in their eyes,
Her caves were explored,
And his curiosity satisfied,
Lying naked in arms of one another,
They looked at the stars,
Witness to their act divine,
They smiled and nodded in acknowledgment,
As he watched her,
And she turned his head towards him,
Again their act had begun,
For her navel carried secrets,
He hadn’t explored,
His lengths knew stories,
She had never heard…..


Happiness comes easy to me,
The wind in my face,
The fragrance of the food,
Slow songs that make me wanna Waltz,
Driving on roads,
Nowhere to go,
For sometimes I wear a mask,
To hide my hideousness,
Disgusting even for me,
The claws that bury deep in my skin,
Blood clotted and flows again, 
When I see the stars my eyes sparkle,
Gravity doesn’t pull them down,
They support planets,
I see birds that chase,
Dreams they see,
The food for mind, body and heart,
And I smile as the Sun comes up,
For it lights the day,
The Sunflowers kiss him each day,
I sometimes take off my mask,
And shred off the skin,
Burnt from the pathos of time,
Look in the mirror sometimes,
To unclutter my hair,
And I smile for me, 
For nobody else, 
And do not disguise the scars on my face,
For they are my very own, 
The lips seldom cheer up,
The cheeks laugh, 
I smile for me,
And for nobody else,
Happiness comes easy to me,
Like an endless freefall……..

At Home……

As the lights slowly dimmed,
The sharpness of his vision slowly fading,
Sounds drove him to places, 
Scents guided him towards the known,
When senses fail sometimes memories speak to you,
The wrinkles on the face,
The curves on the body, 
Darkness had engulfed his sight,
Fears ran amok, 
Rioting in his mind,
But as he closed his eyes,
The way his Momma had taught him,
Years before she had passed into the light,
He could see his friends, 
Their little hands as they held them together,
And he saw his Momma, 
Beautiful as always,
Daffodils in her hair,
Winds blowing her hair slowly,
She held his hands,
Made him Apple Pie,
Just like the 4th of July,
He was at Peace,
The rioters in deep slumber,
As his mind slowly lied down,
He was at home,
He was loved………


Walking alone on the untrodden path,
Sometimes you may come across some like you,
Similar to you or maybe poles apart,
They might hold your hands,
Or will let you go,
As you continue to walk on the path new,
Unfamiliar, scary sometimes,
Full of flowers or thorns on the way,
Sometimes you’ll bleed with the world at your call,
Or in the dark of the night,
When not a soul is visible,
You’ll laugh with your loved ones,
The ones those warm your heart,
And soothes your soul,
Or sob in the rain,
Hiding your vulnerabilities from the world,
For the world doesn’t deserve you,
You’ll think as they walk past you,
Laughing, mocking, Jibes thrown at you,
It will be hard sometimes,
The crippling pain of responsibilities,
Expectations, mistaken choices,
The past pulls you,
The future pushes you,
The present runs for your life,
Nothing seems right,
As your world slowly diminishes to your room,
Or even the penumbra of your being,
Slowly that tries to vanish,
Assimilate into the void,
Close your eyes,
Sit on the side of the path,
Absorb the sounds inside that speak to you,
Paint, Sing, Write, Dance,
Your creativity is your biggest friend in times like these,
It goes to sleep while you absolve yourself in the routine,
And comes to you when you let it wake up,
Do something for yourself,
Something you might never show the world,
For the untrodden path becomes difficult sometimes,
Its their nature,
For journeys like these make Kings,
Queens and Memories that write their own stories,
As you burn yourselves in the foundry of routine,
A mould you’ll create over the times,
And fill it with your hopes and ambitions,
A butterfly will come out,
And the mould will break,
The Mould will surely break
And the path will take you home,
Where your tribe resides,
The mind and heart at last,
In sync…….


When silences speak for the void in between,
Sound loses its worth,
Presence, absence, today or tomorrow,
Incompetent they become…..

ख़ामोशी जब बयान करती है शून्य को कभी,
आवाज़ खो देती है अपना आयाम,
होना, ना होना, आज, कल,
अक्षम हो जाते हैं सब……


She anxiously searched the drawers,
As angst took over her beautiful face,
Tell me how does it look,
He asked as he stood up,
Don’t worry I’ll find it soon,
She said without battering an eye,
He silently crept towards her,
As she tried to ignore him,
Grandma’s button, she meeked,
He had in a way calmed her little eccentricities,
The storm water had slowly started to recede,
As brightness came back to the city,
Let me look for it in the attic,
He said, adjusting his spectacles,
You don’t have to, you must be tired,
He smiled as he slowly walked towards the attic,
What’s important to you is important to me,
He had silently acknowledged,
The ocean sometimes needs to meet the shore,
To realise how calmness feels,
The slow murmurs of the wind,
Gently kissing its cheeks,
Soothing it to a slumber sweet,
And sings to it of melodies ancient,
The ocean slowly closes its eyes,
He came back with the box that had held all her memories,
She saw it and came immediately running,
The box had her Grandma’s Button,
And the one that held her had her heart,
The mind and body came much later,
As they had already dissolved into one being,
An organism of romantic times,
She wanted to cry as moments like these were overwhelming for her,
She looked him in his eyes,
As her oceans touched the shores,
And rain had started to pour,
Her heart was pounding,
Like the way they had first met,
And sat silently under the Banyan Tree,
Reading books of their own,
He smiled at her and went back to the bed,
What happens when two souls learn the language of the universe,
Words lose all their meanings,
And voices become so mute,
Come back to bed when you want to,
He lied down on the bed,
Took out his book,
Smiled back at her,
And had started reading…….


कुछ खोके भी शायद कुछ पाया मैंने,
कुछ पा के शायद कुछ खोया भी,
अँधेरे में गुज़र रही थी ये हस्ती मेरी,
आपको देखा तो पाई रोशनी भी,
कहते हैं मुलाज़िम नहीं इश्क़ किसी का,
कई रियासतें हैं उजाड़ी इसी ने भी,
बस अब और गिला क्या होगा,
जब मिल चुका है इस नाचीज़ को आशियाँ तुझमें भी…..


Wounded he picked his child up,
The wolves howled from behind,
Frightened he ran with all that was left in him,
Carefully planning his every move,
The child can live in peace,
Look at me dear son,
Nothing will happen to you,
As he covered his son with tattered clothes,
The snow slowly crept in his shoes,
And the cold shivered his spine,
The wolves could smell the blood from distances,
But he kept on moving,
Holding his son close to his chest,
He travelled for many years,
Protecting his child from the harbingers of deceit, malice or sins of his past,
He grew old as the bones in his body spoke a lot more than before,
Hair turned grey,
Vision a little blurry,
The son had now grown,
Rest on my shoulders O Father,
For the wolf shall guide the pack from above,
The pillars he built over the years,
The seeds he had sown sometime ago,
Your blood runs in my veins,
Dark, black and blue,
A debt now I shall pay,
My bones will carry,
My progeny shall say…..


As he pushed her through the cliff,
Winds gushing through her ears,
She closed her eyes,
This memory she couldn’t save,
The distance to the ground felt millions of kilometres,
Betrayal had already taken life out of her,
The mind wanted to rest,
As thousand needles pierced her body,
But she stayed loyal,
Clenched her wrists with all her might,
And held onto memories beautiful,
If not love, let me by yours O Earth,
The Earth had welcomed her with arms wide open,
In her arms she finally found love,
In the sky her footprints,
Blue yet so warm….