Hopeless Romantics

The night was young,
So were they,
Out of the few mundane, lonely nights,
They decided to venture out,
In the wild,
Where they had heard that,
The predators roam in hides of beauty,
Hush Now, Watch your steps,
They had told themselves,
Every time someone tried to come closer,
What may become of me,
They would say to themselves,
What if a monster lurks in the dark of the night,
They crawled into the blaring lights,
Only to shy away from all the glory,
A quick glance across the gala,
They saw each other,
A coincidence in million years,
Some would say,
A war was waged between the heart and the mind,
Something had changed,
They began to close the distance between them,
A quick handshake at first,
Glasses clinged the next,
Escape into the wild seemed a better choice,
And they took off to the places,
Where silence met the sound,
The stars danced in passion,
The Moon smiled at the Earth,
They talked and listened,
And laughed and cried,
A soul recognises another by the sensation,
Celestial and Ethereal,
The stars sometimes nod in approval,
The Moon hears their laughs and cries,
And a love story is born,
It isn’t that complex,
Not even complicated as such,
What is meant to be will find a way,
We hopeless romantics tell to ourselves…….

राज़ गेहरा….

हर उम्र में छुपा है,
कोई राज़ गेहरा,
शब्दों से कोई,
तो करता है इशारों से बेपरदा,
में निकलता हूँ बाज़ारों से जब भी,
कुछ गुनगुना सी देतीं हैं,
आवाज़ें अनसुनी,
कोई चर्चा,
कोई क़िस्सा,
समेट के रख लेता हूँ उन आवाज़ों को झोले में अपने,
ना जाने किस उम्र में शब्दों का लिबास ओढ़ कर,
ये आ जाएँ ज़ुबान पे मेरी,
या फ़िर ग़ुम हो जाएँ इन सिलवटों पे मेरी,
क्या नहीं छुपा मुझमें भी कोई राज़ गेहरा….?


A pandal being set up for a Satsang. People seek religion when they are frightened. Fear is a musky business.
A Happy World Photography Day to everyone out there. Each one of us is a photographer. Celebrate the photographer in you.