Thousand Suns…

Her moist lips would always leave a mark on my facade,
She loved pressing up against me,
Trying to kiss me,
As I leant on for her,
Everything around would fade away,
The noises, people, eyes burning,
The hearts would beat in sync,
Faster than the tiptoeing horses,
That ran towards the horizon in the Greenland,
I would notice sometimes,
How a smile would appear on her face,
Everytime she came closer to me,
Her eyes shut as she lay on my chest,
My breathing made her sane,
She had told me a day we rested on the porch,
My eyes would sometimes meet hers,
The calm that I could see,
The ferocity some other,
It was easy getting lost in her,
The infinity of her long hair,
The sweet fragrance of her,
Everything about her reminded how can little things become important,
The little hairband, her kohl, the way she bit her lips,
She would always ask,
Why didn’t I speak to her,
Whenever we strolled through the woods,
A smile would form on my face,
The smile of satisfaction,
The way earth would whenever rain fell on it,
Filling up the valleys with messages from the heavens,
Subsiding the heat that had burned its fields,
Clearing up the sky,
Do I need to,
I would say as I held her hand,
And she, she would melt away,
Even though she glimmered of the thousand suns……


कुछ अलग सी बेचैनी है,
मैं पूछता भी हूँ इससे,
पर ये बोलती नहीं,
ना जाने क्यूँ रूठी है,
क्यूँ बात नहीं करती,

कुछ अलग सी बेचैनी है,
सर झुका के बैठी है कहीं,
सिसक-सिसक के रात इसने काटी,
सुबह थक के सो जाती है,
पता नहीं कल रात इसने खाना खाया की नहीं,

ना जाने किसके ख़याल में खोई है,
किसका इंतेज़ार इसे है,
सुलग-सुलग के इसने ज़माने काटे हैं,
फ़िर सुबह सूरज देख के ना जाने क्या सोचती है,

कुछ अलग सी बेचैनी है,
शायद मेरी नहीं,
शायद तुम्हारी नहीं,
पता नहीं फ़िर किसकी है,
कुछ अलग सी बेचैनी है……


The Moon had asked the Earth one day,
What do you see in me?
I am full of craters deep,
I cannot support life,
My heart is cold and dead,
The Earth smiled,
Pulled it closer and said,
The life on me will be enough for both of us,
I’ll warm you in nights cold,
My heart will beat faster for you,
A promise from you is all I ask,
The Moon was stunned,
For long she had been all alone,
My days will be yours,
Your nights mine,
The Earth had said,
You rise my tides,
And I bury your dead……


The gods had turned down his request,
You shall not be allowed a death so chaste,
I was unaware, stupid and had a mast so high,
He begged with bleeding toes, cried with a sigh,
You shall walk the earth,
Until the day becomes dark,
The night red with your burning sins,
Rivers will stop to flow,
Civilisations turned to dust,
The crime you had committed on this soil so pure,
You shall repent for your days and beyond,
He listened, his mind had numbed that very moment,
For I shall reap what I had sowed,
Death, destruction and havoc I had created,
For fun I would kill a million sensations,
And on bodies of green my palaces would stand,
For I was a mind full of self pride,
As air has thinned,
Food has vanished from my plate,
I can understand what I have created,
A Devil that cannot be stopped,
Slowly rusting through the machinery of our clogs,
We say home can always be found,
But what’s a home without my friends so long,
So I shall exist until my days,
Exist with the guilt of a genocide that maimed the earth’s progressions,
For I am the curse that walks this soil,
For I will be the change this soil needs it all,
I’ll be worthy of heavens one day,
You’ll see O Gods,
For I’ll be the change this soil needs it all…..


कभी सपनों से निकल के हक़ीक़त तो बनो,
इंतेज़ार में तुम्हारे निकाली हैं कई रातें,
कभी आओ मेरी हसरतें भी सुनो,
अरसा हुआ किए चंद बातें,
मोहोब्बत का सुना था कोई मुक़ाम नहीं,
यह बहता है तो बहता चला जाता है,
ग़र है लिखा मुक़द्दर में मिलना तुम्हारा,
अरे ज़रा तेज़ी दिख़ाओ,
कहीं बीत ना जाएँ तेरी-मेरी यें बाक़ी कुछ रातें….

Him and Her….

As his hands mapped the curves on her body,
Untouched, unkissed, unexplored by any being before,
She skirmished with her sensuousness,
The righteousness that had prevailed with her,
Just before this moment,
He slowly tried to moisten her fields,
Rain had barely touched her,
Barren, unkept, unused,
Water eroded her,
Brought floods, upheaval, destroyed her everytime,
She had closed her eyes,
Never before something had touched her,
Without an intention to unravel her,
Only to leave her in pieces thousands and more,
But his touch seemed different,
Or maybe the moment felt a little translucent,
She wanted to be touched,
Not because she needed it,
For long she had lived in a dilemma,
Her needs had been since buried six feet deep,
Her heart wanted it,
So did her mind,
The body allowed him to continue tethering her to himself,
The distance crept between them,
Until an atoms thickness,
Till the union of time and space,
Him too had started to lose his consciousness,
She was too powerful for him,
But he knew he could drive his sails through her storms,
Her needs had started to become his,
Her storms his,
In a way the Sun meets the Earth,
The Horizon turns red,
The stars twinkle,
And the Moon witness of them,
A fusion of two celestials,
An affair of the ages,
A story to be told a million times,
And maybe more,
Her and him,
Him and her,
The story of the day,
Her geography became his art,
Her body his biggest canvas…….


He had made islands,
On the turf of his thoughts,
Some islands had lavish orchards and farms,
Others were dilapidated,
Dying, slowly sinking,
Stretched infinitely,
He would let many see his islands prosperous,
That had civilisations so great,
Thoughts beyond their time,
But never the ones,
That had cemeteries,
Dead roamed even in the light of the day,
Ghosts of past feasted on the fresh grass,
He was wary, sceptical, didn’t trust no one,
For many had seen those ruins,
And created their own monuments,
Maybe with time they will sink,
He would tell himself,
But centuries had passed,
Or maybe a thousand years,
He had forgotten when they even had sprouted,
When nights would be long,
His ship would slowly crawl back to those islands,
He would scream but none came for help,
No one knew the way,
The light would bring him peace,
Or the guitar hanging on his wall,
Days passed by and his sails were about to fall,
A sailor lost in her own thoughts,
One day stumbled upon him,
While he had let his guard down,
And took him to the islands,
She had created,
The ones they had nurtured,
Centuries had passed,
Or maybe a thousand years,
He had forgotten how he ended up there,
When he saw his ship,
Tethered to the land,
The sailor, she said,
Let’s take this for a spin,
He anchored the ship towards the islands,
That had cemeteries,
Dead roamed even in the light of the day,
Ghosts of past feasted on the fresh grass,
And as the ship slowly kissed the shore,
He saw nothing there,
Cemeteries were buried beneath the grass,
That grew hundreds of feets high,
Little butterflies roamed around,
The sweet sound of birds singing had filled the ground,
The monuments had turned to dust,
The islands had healed,
He cried as she held his hands,
I never thought this would ever happen,
She cried too,
As she had forgotten her own islands,
What is today may not be tomorrow,
She said in his ears,
Dead eventually take their rest,
The ghosts vanish into thin air,
Lets go,
We’ll come back someday later,
Or maybe never ever,
She had said,
Let these islands finally rest……

The fire met the ocean….

As the winter set foot in the horizon,
The cold breeze of December gushing through the plains,
A song was about to play,
An act about to begin,
The routine was the order of the day,
But that day a vagabond wind had struck them in their peace,
A quick glance at each other,
All hell had broken loose,
The Universe shrunk,
So did their Space,
And as he lifted her in his arms,
Winter had started to retreat,
Just like when a Volcano meets an Ocean,
And turns her into steam,
The doors of her bedroom called their name,
Pulling them away from reality,
The present, the past, the future,
Time had lost all its meaning,
The room was their purple rose,
He carefully lay down her,
Onto the bed,
The bed that had their footprints,
Their marks, their scent,
The darkness had engulfed the sky,
Their room lit by their fire,
Shall I devour you tonight,
He had whispered in her soft ears,
As she lay helplessly on the bed,
She let escape a sigh of warm air,
That tickled his ears,
It was enough,
Enough to wake up thundering storms,
The sheets were a witness to the act,
The air had gone thin,
Senselessness and sensations ran amok,
Till they were out of breath,
They lied down besides each other,
As their breath started to come to them,
And looked into each others eyes,
The thunder grasped their hearts,
Swindled it through their chests,
And landed it on their lips,
That had locked for eternities in surreal bliss,
The storms had now subsided,
As she closed her eyes to sleep,
While he still adored her,
The greatest reward he could ever get,
Night slowly turned into day,
Their footprints still on the bed……..


Leaves by leaves fall from the trees,
The trunk gets older with the each passing day,
Wrinkles appear on oh so beautiful branches,
And a day comes when everything just stops,
Life tired of living,
Give up its breath,
The Earth eats it up,
Assimilated in its soil,
It just disappears,
Only to be remembered for a wholesome growth,
It sometimes is very difficult to forget a tree that’s so old,
Bore so many fruits,
Housed so many birds and squirrels,
In time in the nutritious ground the tree had left,
Some seeds turn into plants,
And carry on its legacy,
Nothing really dies,
Nothing has really ever lived,
Memories are transferred from generations to generations,
Energy changes form,
A birth here,
Someone closes their eyes somewhere,
It all happens at once,
And stops the same,
The smiles, the promises, the laughs and cheers,
They stay no matter what,
The plants that turn into trees soon after,
Will carry on the name,
The trees that lived a wholesome life,
And even those who left early,
In memories they stay,
In our actions they reflect……

The Red Sun….

The winds were few that day,
The clouds had forgotten to stroll,
The Sun was ruthless,
Scorched the Earth with his heat,
The small, minuscle running to find relief,
We are burning, the heat is too much to bear,
They gnarled among themselves,
The Sun still burning with rage,
Didn’t batter his eye,
Let me destroy, burn, crush,
He had for a second forgotten,
Life is living because of him,
The heat comforts the cold,
The light chases away the dark,
All that anger impaired his righteous judgement,
As life began to crumble down,
Trees lost all their green,
The fishes their home,
The fields their gold,
Mars, Saturn and Jupiter,
Requested the Sun,
Stop this, Stop this Madness,
Remember how you had loved,
The Sun pushed them away,
Deep in through the space,
The Earth had turned grey,
And into a glowing ball of fire,
The Sun stopped as the fire within him turned to a spark,
What have I done,
Came down thundering now a useless scream,
The Earth now looked at him,
Closed her eyes,
And with the last of her breath,
Said the Sun the last goodbyes……

गवारा नहीं….

क्या हुआ जो मुकम्मल ना हो सका वो इश्क़ मेरा,
पुरा था पर शायद ज़रूरी नहीं,
देख के चाँद रोज़ सजदा कर लेता हूँ,
क़ाबिल था पर शायद गवारा नहीं……

I Need A Muse….

I need a muse,
That lets my mind to a ruse,
Where I laugh and cry and sing and dance,
And see the world through glistering eyes,
The muse can be you,
Can be the one waiting for you,
Or a shadow that walks the planes as me,
I’ll take her to sleep,
To places so deep,
Holding her hands,
Sometimes her precious mouth,
For a kiss so sweet,
The nectar of the divine,
The sensation electric,
In mind she will live,
My words her reality,
Little flowers that grows in orchids,
Oblong, asymmetrical, imperfect,
Like pieces of puzzle in a maze,
I complete her,
And she does me,
I need a muse,
For words need to lay down to sleep…..

Can I Wish..?

I wish you could speak some more,
The movement of your lips,
The rotations of the Earth,
The words fall from your lustrous lips,
Onto these ordinary ears,
Drops of water on the leaves,

I wish you could laugh some more,
The play that unravels,
Cosmic and divine,
My heart stops to beat,
The morning Azaan of the distant priest,

I wish you could sing some more,
The rain water gushes through the meadows,
Rumbling the slumbering stones,
Salvation is what fills them,
Takes them to the oceans,

I wish you could kiss some more,
The moist of the morning,
Refreshing and necessary,
The dreams of the night,
The freedom of tomorrow,

I wish I could wish some more,
These words are an insult,
To the picture of you,
This mind has it all captured,
Infinite and in my wrist,

I wish to stop,
This landslide of emotions,
Gravity has helped its flow,
Incompetent I become,
But you already know it all…….


इश्क़ है किसी का दरिया,
बहता ही चला है,
है किसी का आशियाँ भी,
घर में रहता है,
किसी को खुदा दिखता भी उसी में है,
और किसी को ये जहाँ भी,
जुदा करके मिलाता भी है,
ना दिखा जो दिखा है,
ना जान के भी जो गवाह है,
है तुझमें भी,
मुझमें भी छुपा है कहीं,
दिखता मुझे भी किसी में है,
शायद तुझे भी किसी में,
है हाथ थाम लेता,
कभी झटक के छोढ़ जाता भी है,
पर इश्क़ नहीं जाता साया छोढ़ के किसी का,
वक्त वक्त की बात है साहब,
आज तू इश्क़ से है,
कल इश्क़ होगा तुझसे ही…..

The Man…..

The winds were calm that day,
The sun still in its cradle,
Jogging along the usual path,
Music blasting in his ears,
He stopped for tea,
Who are you running from,
A voice had asked from behind him,
Someone too wise for his years,
Smiled at him,
The freckles on his face had their own stories,
A cigarette in one hand,
A cup of tea in other,
Sorry, I didn’t get you,
He answered,
The man smiled again,
Finished his tea,
Rubbed the cigarette on the floor,
One day you’ll have to stop running,
Run away,
Run to it,
Or let it stay,
The man got up,
Winked at him,
And jogged away……

The Party….

The stars were there,
The moon too took a glass of wine,
They danced in ecstasy,
Swaying by the sounds,
The galaxies held to themselves for so long,
The planets witnessed their aura,
The stature of the Gods,
And took the front seats,
The stage of vacuum,
And as light passed through them,
The infinities and beyond,
The Sun joined them too,
Bashful at first,
But it held a power so great,
So magnanimous,
The celestials couldn’t tolerate,
See the yellow,
The mustard on his face,
They laughed and scorned,
Till the dawn of the Sun,
The Sun had realised its own power,
The planets rose in applause,
Hear! Hear!
They clinged their glasses,
I live by the glory,
My hands built from scratch,
The color of my skin,
The sweat of my blood,
Are a shade in the boundless palette,
I dance to my tunes,
The ones I wrote in the dark,
And shine bright,
Oh so bright,
The galaxies know,
The planets too,
And the minuscule atoms of us all,
You reflect my own light,
I made in the foundry,
Of dreams and reality……


As tears fell from his eyes,
Words trembled in his mouth,
Why this has to happen,
This is what that has always been true,
She had remarked,
Our paths were meant to cross,
Only to be apart again,
But will they meet again,
He tried to compose himself,
I don’t know,
And she left on the last train,
Leaving him behind,
The rain had washed all their escapades……