पुराने पिटारे……

कुछ खोले हैं पुराने पिटारे मैंने,
धूल जिन पर बना चुकी थी अपने मकान,
परिंदों सी बनके उड़ी वो बंद हसरतें,
वो यादें, वो कीमती लम्हे,
कुछ खोले हैं पुराने पिटारे मैंने,
वो गर्मी की दोपहरें,
धूप मैं दौड़ते,
वो चोर और सिपाही,
गलियों मैं आवाज़ लगाती,
वो मीठे बुढ़िया के बाल,
कुछ खोले हैं पुराने पिटारे मैंने,
कुछ पिटारों में थे,
वो गुड़िया-गुड्डे,
वो लाल गाड़ी,
वो लंबी रेलगाड़ी,
जिस पर कई बार बैठ,
किया करते थे सफर,
जिसकी सड़कें थी,
कभी दीवारें,
तो कभी थी पापाजी का वो विशाल सीना,
मिला वो पुराना झुनझुना भी उधर ही कहीं,
याद नहीं कब देखा था इसे कहीं,
संभाल के रखी थी एक कोने में,
वो स्कूल की ड्रेस,
कई बार जिसे ज़बर्दस्ती पेहेन,
निकल पड़ते थे स्कूल की ओर,
समय जिसे शायद अभी तक नहीं छू पाया था,
कुछ जादुई था यह पिटारा,
मैं कुछ देर वहीं बैठ गया था,
एक झंझानहट सी दोढ़ गयी थी पूरे जिस्‍म में,
वक़्त शायद गुस्ताख है,
गुज़रता मेरी या तेरी मर्ज़ी से नहीं,
जताता नहीं अपनी मौज़ूदगी,
फिर ऐसे ही किसी दिन,
खामोशी से दस्तक देता है,
मग्न कर देता है कई बार,
रुला भी देता है,
और एक हल्की सी चिंगारी जला जाता है,
उस सीने में मेरे और तुम्हारे,
सेक जिसकी शायद ज़रूरी है,
उस पुरानी रेलगाड़ी की छुक-छुक सुनने के लिए,
और शायद गर्म करने को वो ठंडे पड़े बुढ़िया के बाल,
कुछ खोले हैं पुराने पिटारे मैंने आज……

You Fall…..

I moved slowly ahead,
The pulsating heart,
Now enjoying the sudden commotion,
I am still behind he shouted,
As I forced my legs to move,
I came a distance,
Only to look behind,
He had gotten rid of the hold,
I fell down,
But that day I had learnt,
Something that would last forever,
Simple it was and sound it is today,
You pedal to move,
And stop to fall,
But then,
You only fall down to pick yourselves up….


Yesterday I Saw Her…….

Yesterday I saw her, 
Drenched in the morning drizzle, 
Yesterday I saw her, 
She was thinking, 
Not looking,
Just walking, 
Yesterday I saw her, 
As the tarmac stick to her shoes, 
The shirt that was a bit loose, 
Yesterday I saw her, 
And she walked as the skies turned greyer, 
The clouds growled louder and laid their chest open bare, 
Yesterday I saw her, 
She needed no one, 
Or maybe it was the with her, 
She sailed through the freefall, 
Of the thousand microneers, 
Yesterday I saw her, 
And saw her near, 
The winds had guided our little vessel, 
Onto the lands of the sun, 
The moon and beyond, 
Yesterday I saw her, 
As she walked away, 
Slowly diminishing in the growling rain, 
I sailed a boat in her direction, 
Hoped that it might reach her, 
Boats of paper seldom reach, 
The oceans wide and blue, 
But who could take that from me, 
Yesterday I saw her……. 

It was made of tin….

Slowly slowly it pierced my skin,
Layer by layer and I was naked,
It hurt even less as it went deeper,
The ghosts of my past,
Mistakes, failures and all that unfelt,
I had a frame that never was empty,
A photo, a memory maybe an year,
That day I cried, the day I laughed,
Everything passes, everything has a lifetime,
And it reached my veins,
Those were clogged,
Years of thirst and all that despair,
The dreams unrealised,
The desires killed in their sleeping pram,
It was a tough escape,
But maybe it was made of tin,
It crossed the landscape of my chest,
The burden of those secrets,
The faces unknown,
Followed the path,
Wretched and weak,
That lead to a something,
That hadn’t lost a beat,
Knocked on its doors,
And asked to come in,
Go away, I am a mess,
Somebody had cried and it wasn’t in a bliss,
I come to see you, oh my dear,
Open thy gates,
Let me in,
Who are you, what do you need,
I am a known, you smeared off your list,
And as it opened, my heart its doors,
Saw a creature it hadn’t seen at all,
It smiled and sang a song,
Took him on a flight and showed him the clouds,
Then took him to a house that laughed,
A platter was sufficient for them all,
A veteran that had lost an arm,
Who put up against that hulk of a man,
And the child that hadn’t lost his innocence,
The mother that laughed with her husband,
It jumped in joy and laughed aloud,
The path had grown some many new towns,
Where were you for all this time,
I was alone and in a decline,
I come in need and not in excess,
To those who seek sometimes my bless,
Let me guide you to someplace nice,
Show you the path and be gone for the time,
Stay, please stay for sometime more,
The heart had pleaded,
I’ll be dead when you’ll be gone,
You shall live in the stricken of times,
Or when you’ll fall, I’ll be there,
But I shall go, I am needed somehwere else,
Tell me your name so I may embed,
I am hope and he went on his way…..


As alcohol went inside his veins,
Slowly blurring the excellent vision he had,
Deepening the sense of judgment,
He still drove away,
Away from the excitement of the city,
Away from the scars of the life he couldn’t call his own,
The lit brothels that sometimes brought him satisfaction,
The gory eyes of all those who had expected something from him,
The lights on his car scurring along the curves of the road,
The loud music that had somehow concealed the havoc inside his heart that he had lost track of,
He stopped alongside the road,
Winded down the windows so that he could feel the cold wind on his skin,
And closed his eyes to feel what it was like to be alive,
Took out a cigarette that he had brought from tiny hands,
First puff, second puff, last cigarette,
The stars seem a lot closer than before,
He told himself,
Sat down on the edge of the cliff,
You win today, he cried out loud,
Got up,
But tomorrow shall be mine,
He said while moving back to the same city he had escaped from,
Alcohol had brought him to his senses……..