When I fell for her…. 

She wore a scarf, 
And a smile, 
She took my breath, 
All in a second, 
She was in a hurry, 
With bags so heavy, 
Running to someplace, 
Unknown to me, 
Days passed, 
And so did the years, 
One day I saw her again, 
In that old little cafeteria, 
She is way out of my league, 
Was my innocent assumption, 
She looked at me, 
And I looked away,
A man may sometimes lose all his senses, 
I looked back again, 
She smiled, 
And I immediately had a universal flight, 
She came up and sat next to me, 
I was Shivering like the baddest earthquake, 
She asked my name, 
And I shyly said, 
This is Harsh for you Miss, 
Miss… She had started saying, 
And I was lost in her voice so clear, 
We planned to meet Somedays later, 
Exchanged numbers and some awkward pleasantries, 
I was lost in her thoughts, 
So much as much I slept with shoes on, 
She had called later in the night, 
And had ended with a sweet goodnight, 
With each passing day, 
And with each night, 
It was impossible to stay away from her sight, 
Everyday she came in a dress so good, 
Sometimes in a gown, 
Or in her cool shorts, 
She would swing her hair around, 
And would let me sleep under their cool dusk, 
Sometimes she would be angry, 
Of things I would say out of being stingy, 
Then I would hold her hands, 
Hum in her ears, 
Of songs she loved, 
She would quickly let go, 
Her anger, 
And would hold me tight, 
As I swing her around, 
Like the earth does with her moon, 
Stare at her and make her go mad, 
Like she’s the one in my mind, 
And in the heart, 
And all places other, 
I would look at her while she made breakfast, 
Can I eat you, 
Would sometimes say, 
And she would run at me, 
With a burning spoon, 
Let me help you with myself, 
What time it would be, 
What would be the days, 
When we make a home so cozy, 
A little of me, 
A little of you, 
Together we would make the best couple, 
Sometimes a walk in the park, 
Maybe a swim in the lake, 
Or an ice cream in the middle of night, 
So much and so many, 
With you it would be all so creamy…….. 

Dear Ladies, 

Sometimes the men out there are too shy to reach out to you. We may be Superman during the times we are in a virtual world. But we do have a heart attack when we have to talk to you. So, please go out there and reach out to us. You’ll be amazed at how a sweet boy can quickly transform with you into someone you probably never knew.(there is not always a motive behind us being too nice. This I can say for me and atleast men like me. 🙂 ) 

Yours Sincerely, 

The men who don’t look you in the eyes while you walk past them or don’t look at you to make you uncomfortable or the ones who will open the gates for you and would listen to you when you want. It’s genuine compliment with us, always. Please don’t take it as our  motive for other things. 

Thanking you, 

The men out there. 



That was a day, 
When the night was cold, 
The winds sung a song so coarse, 
And the world had trembled, 
He covered some miles, 
In that small passage, 
Biting his tongue, 
Burning a hair or a two, 
She was inside the cabin, 
Where he couldn’t go, 
Some dreams of them, 
With a little hope, 
Some sweet smiles, 
Some pockets not so heavy, 
But full of wishes, 
Desires, future and hard work, 
A little house in the countryside, 
My world, my universe, 
Was their dream, 
Then he came crying, 
Packed in a soft towel, 
So small, so small, so small, 
He wiped his tears, 
Adjusted his sight, 
A war was to be fought, 
And he took against the world,
Bring back a bottle of milk, 
To a smiling family, 
The roof wasn’t strong sometimes, 
Food vanished from the plates, 
He cried, she cried, 
But never did he, 
That small growing packet of ambitions, 
Time passed like sand from hands, 
And he lost the black of hair, 
The melody he used to sometimes sing to, 
A rhyme so serene, 
Dreams became reality, 
Hard work, patience and lots of love, 
Sometimes he lost his temper, 
A man may sometimes show what’s inside, 
Sometimes not all the times, 
And he would smile when he showed him the card he made at school, 
The fantastic movie, the best shoes, 
Dreams when become a reality, 
Are a precious thing, 
Some lose something, 
For someone to gain a something, 
He wore those same old shoes, 
They still are as good as new, 
And the best thing for him, 
He would buy, 
He doesn’t know how to show love, 
He has been hard wired, 
Grown a shell, 
So that you don’t bear what he bears, 
The sweat, the blood, no difference, 
The days when he lost his hope, 
And when the world wasn’t fair, 
But he taught you to love and respect, 
To see the beauty of the world, 
To grow things he never could in himself, 
And would very quietly sleep at night, 
With legs sore from the day, 
Sometimes sleep would come to him, 
Sometimes he would walk in the garden, 
And pick up the thorns from the grass, 
Plant a tree in the soil, 
Or sometimes in him, 
Obvious it might be, 
Then or in sometime, 
And would try a hand at your guitar, 
To see if he could play, 
The sleepless nights, 
The spine chilling cold, 
And those shoulders that never lost hope, 
They say superheroes are made of something special, 
Now I believe, 
It’s the will of a being that makes him a superhero, 
Instills him with courage and valor, 
Lucky I am to see a superhero everyday, 
As he holds the newspaper, 
The only thing I can say, 
Don’t worry this world, Papa will save the day! 

Kuch Teri, Kuch Meri….

Kash kabhi aisa ho jae, 
Tere sapne mere ho jae, 
Lekar chalein kahin dur gagan main, 
Fuslakar, behlakar baithein angan main, 

Ho sake toh le chalna, 
Band baste main voh purani kitab, 
Likhi thi jismein humne kahani,
Kuch teri, kuch meri, 

Raste pe na jane kya kya mile, 
Hasraton se bhare pankh kuch Azaad karna, 
Ud chalna, bheeg jana, hass bhi lena tum, 
Asman nhi kisi ka, pani ko bhi hai koi rok saka, 

Mod aye toh, sambhal jana tum, 
Rasta na mile toh, 
Ghabrana na tum, 
Raaste aur bhi hain, vapis mudna na tum, 

Pta nhi kahan mila voh, 
Lakdi ka madmast dibba,
Garmiyon ki chuttiyon main jismein,
Azaad hote the sapne kai, 

Mitti ke voh bartan, 
Kagaz ka taj vohi,
Rangeen pani tha,
Patang ki dor Bdi,

Pathar the apna khazana,
Koi gol, toh koi chamkeela,
Jeb main hote thi ek hi chawanni,
Koi meethi, toh koi tasveer,

Na jane kisne Btaya,
Un lakeeron main tha jo likha,
Yeh le beta, sapna tera,
Naseeb pak hai tera, hai bhagwan, toh tu savera,

Bdi koshish ki,
Samjhun likha kya tha haathon main mere,
Pta nhi kyun dikha nhi voh sapna mujhe,
Shayad hun main nasamajh, shayad andha zra,

Dekha jab pairon pe khade us shareer ko,
Hath nhi the jiske, but tha josh bda, socha main,
Hathon ki lakeerein,
Likhti nhi naseeb,

Sapnon ki is bheed main,
Ashaon ke is khol main,
Khud ko dhundha hai abhi,
Thoda waqt aur lagega, shayad kuch barson abhi,

Chorh aye the na jane kahan, 
Gale main tang voh Kala saap, 
Peecha karti voh filein, 
Voh tareekhein jo hamesha thi pass, 

Bebas si zindagi ho gyi thi,
Samay bahut tha, par kabhi pura nhi,
Chup chap roz bistar main,
Sula dete the sapne kai,

Kuch saans ab mili si hai, 
Kuch jaan jagi si hai, 
Kya main bhi ud sakta hun, 
Kya main bhi azaad hun, 

Kash kabhi aisa ho jae,
Tere sapne mere ho jae,
Lekar chalein kahin dur gagan main,
Fuslakar, behlakar baithein angan main,

Ho gyi hai subah, 
Asmaan hai bda saaf abhi, 
Dheere se mere kaano se guzra chup chap abhi, 
Sannaton main jag gyi hai ek chingari nyi, 
Udd chalo ab der nhi…..