Stranger as my own….. 

As he settled for everything that wasn’t his own,
All his dreams, desires and wishes,
Died a bitter death,
Choked, mutilated and starving,
Were they left,
While he told himself,
Maybe it’s for the best,
And made them his own,
The world assured,
Gave him the reasons,
And he caved in,
Until the day,
His heart couldn’t take no more,
It’s a risky choice,
They said,
As he left the stranger he had made his own,
And ventured into the night,
With nothing but hope,
Few family, maybe some friends,
And he took on the mighty Hill,
Not as an enemy,
But an ideal yet to achieve,
Maybe I fail,
Maybe I win,
Maybe I die trying,
He told the world,
As the world mocked his legs,
His figure, his brains,
But shall I sleep with dreams,
Of the things I saw,
The things I felt,
Onto the ride,
That felt my own…..


Tiny drops of the moist hop,
Fall with the wind in a misty crop,
Juggle, muggle and struggle with the dirt,
An identity gone, mixed in the dirt,
They moist the tiniest of the notions,
Sometimes even initiate motions,
Drenched in the rain I was wondering,
Is it me or the heart that is mistering,
Everyday we wake upto crawl,
Ever night we sleep into a brawl,
There is a hope that keeps us strong,
Tomorrow is a new day, Push through the throng,
The drops run with the wind,
Freshen every core till the hind,
They create fragrance far too brown,
An imagination grown of a distant crown,
We fail to notice the small in life,
The drops being the smallest prife,
And tend to run after the big,
Small and small become so big,
They stream into a river,
Fall down the gorge,
Become a sea farer,
They lose,
They gain,
In the end it all becomes the same,
Struggling with the pace of my life,
I realised this in a tone so rife,
Juggle, muggle and struggle with the dirt,
An identity gone, mixed in the dirt.

The days of the dark….

The skies today carry a something magical,
And I am here holding your hand with a smile so fantastical,
Everyday we wake upto days that test us,
Prepare the will, make the best of us,
These Days bring with them the gift of experience,
Every passing day we keep on on adding something to this experience,
We grow, we learn, we fall, we rise,
Everyday is a gift,
We sometimes cannot see clearly,
There will be times when these days will be cruel,
Will hurt you, maybe even make you fall,
But these days are limited,
Sufferings are limited,
The days of dark always end,
With a sunlight far so transcend,
Smile away these days,
Remember we learn only from our mistakes,
We fall to rise,
We break to reorganise,
We jump to fly,
We shout to cry,
Remember everything happens for a reason,
The dark comes to make space for light,
The leaves die only to make space for the new bright,
The world rotates to be alive,
And you are still thinking about the days when no none was alive,
So stop here,
Let the mind think again,
Let the old be forgotten,
Learn from mistakes,
Forgive those who couldn’t understand,
You are an individual,
The most beautiful creations of the heavenly,
Far too intricate, sophisticated and yet too simple and serene.