You are beautiful…

You know what’s beautiful?
Beautiful is that morning gush of air that smears through your eyes, catching the glimpse of that side you have not shown to anyone.

You know what’s beautiful.
The slippers that lie on the floor, haphazard waiting for warmth of skin, your skin.

That lucky hairband that gets to feel your tender lips, that gets to tie your hair, that sometimes stay in your ring.

That warm breath you breathe into the wind chime. The wind chime rejuvenates with music.

When you cry and your eyes turn moist. Those little drops of tear, those small sobs.

You know what’s beautiful.
When I call up before a dinner. Sorry I am working late. You listen. You stay hungry. 

You know what’s beautiful.
Everything will be okay. You say. I believe.

You know what’s beautiful.
When you surprise me with a side unknown to me.

You know what’s beautiful.
When you say you are not beautiful.

But You know what.
You are beautiful.