Rainy letter

Dear Miss yet to come,
It was raining today in my backyard. Quickly I took out my car and set out for the lake. Do you remember the last time we were there together. We spent hours talking and then something amazing happened. The rain started to pour. The breeze had freshened with the moist soil and we were just walking, Drenched in this utter delight. I always told you not to tie your hair, because it was soothing to see your hair play with you. I had stopped you from tying your hair, I had never tied you. You were always a free woman, an independent, one that had her own identity. You know the best part of being with you was when you talked and I listened. The way your lips moved, the way your eyes escaped mine, the way you remembered that old story, the way you would sometime look at me. Everything was so perfect, so serene, mesmerizing, destined. Time was something that was ignored when you and me would be together. Just like the sand in the hour glass. It knows it is important, but still it has nowhere to go. I have met many people, been to many places, experienced things that were only described. But that satisfaction that I feel when I am with you is something experienced by a person stranded in a desert looking for water. Water is a source of inspiration for him, his only reason to keep moving, his only destination, His only goal. Nothing in this world is important to him than a soulful of water. You know water is the clearest of all. It cleanses deeply, reaches minutely and touches intensively. You are my Grail of water, my chance at redemption, my breath, the only light. Just as I was about to leave the rain stopped. But you know what they say, rain is the purest form of water. I have taken some of it in my wallet along with the same band you used to tie your hair with.

Waiting for you,

With lots of love,
Kumar Harsh