Mist Air…..

She was slowly diminished from his memory,

The words, the skin and all the roses red,

A century might have passed since I saw her,

He exclaimed while he strolled,

Her smell, her touch and oh god that beautiful hair,

Lost in the shadows among the unnamed,

She was still there,

But nowhere here,

They say time heals the worst of all scars,

She was his time and he was her mist air…….



As the night slowly descends,

The ghosts of the past,

The mistakes, the lost and the smothered,

The boy scared to his deepest bones,

Prepares himself for them,

Those that have chased him for eternity,

Hopelessness, despair and plight,

Everynight they come,

Sometimes shrivels him in his sleep,

Sometimes drop him to the trenches deep,

The boy scared and lonely,

Closes his eyes and tell himself each day,

This all would be worth someday,

For the night is not eternal,

For the plight is not eternal…..


कुछ इस क़दर गये थे तुम,

आज भी उन सिलवटों को काग़ज़ पर उतारने कि कोशिश कर रहा हूँ,

ना जाने कैसा ख़ुमार था कशिश में तुम्हारी,

मैं आज भी अपना पैमाना ढूंढ रहा हूँ…….

She fell from the stars….

She fell from the stars,

Right into his life,

Who says miracles dont happen,

An angel loved a man,

For what he was,

And he loved her,

The imperfectly perfect she,

Do forms matter,

Do souls seek each other by physical,

Or is the energy that attracts,

He had always asked,

That day he got answers,

She fell from the stars,

And stayed forever…..


As the water flows down her,
Every crevice, every canyon,
The villages on the way,
The abandoned and the young,
Fields of sunflowers,
Deserts too,
The simmer shine of the sun,
The dark of the marshes,
The hot springs,
Quick sand too,
The water flows down her,
And inside her,
To spaces untouched,
Unexplored and unreachable,
The places she rarely goes,
Or goes too often,
A little girl maybe,
Or with hair turned grey,
The water flows,
It rarely stops,
Ice to stream and then the mighty ocean,
Water learns as it goes along the way,
It changes its way sometimes,
Sometimes turn mountains to dust,
It is not the outside that matters,
It tells itself everyday,
Each day it starts,
A new adventure,
Maybe a new colony to civilize,
And as water flows down her,
She realizes,
She is like water,
Or maybe she is water……

The Steps…

What’s the biggest sin?
She had asked him one day when he cleaned the steps to the Sanctuary.
To see the sun and not see its shine.
To see the flower and not see its roots.
To see the skin and not see its heart.
Am I a sinner. She had asked.
“We all are My Child.” He had said.
But I don’t want to be a sinner. She had remorsed.
“Don’t you worry My Child.” The Preacher smiled.
We have many more steps to go….

पुराने पिटारे……

कुछ खोले हैं पुराने पिटारे मैंने,
धूल जिन पर बना चुकी थी अपने मकान,
परिंदों सी बनके उड़ी वो बंद हसरतें,
वो यादें, वो कीमती लम्हे,
कुछ खोले हैं पुराने पिटारे मैंने,
वो गर्मी की दोपहरें,
धूप मैं दौड़ते,
वो चोर और सिपाही,
गलियों मैं आवाज़ लगाती,
वो मीठे बुढ़िया के बाल,
कुछ खोले हैं पुराने पिटारे मैंने,
कुछ पिटारों में थे,
वो गुड़िया-गुड्डे,
वो लाल गाड़ी,
वो लंबी रेलगाड़ी,
जिस पर कई बार बैठ,
किया करते थे सफर,
जिसकी सड़कें थी,
कभी दीवारें,
तो कभी थी पापाजी का वो विशाल सीना,
मिला वो पुराना झुनझुना भी उधर ही कहीं,
याद नहीं कब देखा था इसे कहीं,
संभाल के रखी थी एक कोने में,
वो स्कूल की ड्रेस,
कई बार जिसे ज़बर्दस्ती पेहेन,
निकल पड़ते थे स्कूल की ओर,
समय जिसे शायद अभी तक नहीं छू पाया था,
कुछ जादुई था यह पिटारा,
मैं कुछ देर वहीं बैठ गया था,
एक झंझानहट सी दोढ़ गयी थी पूरे जिस्‍म में,
वक़्त शायद गुस्ताख है,
गुज़रता मेरी या तेरी मर्ज़ी से नहीं,
जताता नहीं अपनी मौज़ूदगी,
फिर ऐसे ही किसी दिन,
खामोशी से दस्तक देता है,
मग्न कर देता है कई बार,
रुला भी देता है,
और एक हल्की सी चिंगारी जला जाता है,
उस सीने में मेरे और तुम्हारे,
सेक जिसकी शायद ज़रूरी है,
उस पुरानी रेलगाड़ी की छुक-छुक सुनने के लिए,
और शायद गर्म करने को वो ठंडे पड़े बुढ़िया के बाल,
कुछ खोले हैं पुराने पिटारे मैंने आज……

You Fall…..

I moved slowly ahead,
The pulsating heart,
Now enjoying the sudden commotion,
I am still behind he shouted,
As I forced my legs to move,
I came a distance,
Only to look behind,
He had gotten rid of the hold,
I fell down,
But that day I had learnt,
Something that would last forever,
Simple it was and sound it is today,
You pedal to move,
And stop to fall,
But then,
You only fall down to pick yourselves up….