To Sunsets and Beyond…

The seed that germinates in the soil so warm,
The ancient carriers of messages in dust,
Hugs it tight and brings it dreams,
Of fields green and the skies golden,
The seed slowly pops out the ground,
A baby before and a tree now,
And accumulates within the enigmas of the world,
The beating heart and the formless soul,
That travels the annals of time,
And the waves blue,
It survives and brings shade to the little on the ground,
A thousand years and countless memories later,
The seed it completes its life here,
For one last time it sees the Sun going down the Horizon,
The wind that will hit it not again,
The birds that will nest on branches other,
It closes its eyes and tries to sleep,
As slowly it dissolves into the ground,
The dust, the Earth, The Universe its very own……

With tears in our eyes and trembling hands, we bid goodbye to Joy on this 16th. It was painful to see him go and it won’t be easy. Seeing him everyday was a habit and now that we cannot see him anymore, pains us beyond repair. Some would think how can an animal who cannot talk or express their emotions can become someone so special, maybe I cannot explain that to you. It is a privilege to have witnessed a life grow in-front you and become something so special. Dogs(for me) will always be more than many people roaming this earth because they love you without asking for anything. They don’t need any branded clothes or any clothes for that matter. They will eat the simplest of foods and still come to you wagging their tails. It’s something that words can never do justice to. Pets complete our lives in ways that many couldn’t. 

We tried our best to help Joy recover from whatever ailed him but to no avail. It was like his life was serious to us only. But none of that matters now as he finally has found peace and we hope that he rests in peace. 

He was born of dust and now maybe the soil will bring him dreams of fields that have no fences or borders or people that want to chase him away. He can live his dreams that we saw him dream as he ran in his sleep and moved his legs. 

I thank you all who had shown empathy towards Joy and I thought it was deserving of you to know what happened with him. 

Joy shall always remain the perfect family member. 

26 thoughts on “To Sunsets and Beyond…

  1. Emotion has no language. It is a language in itself. So sorry for Joy! My tributes to him. Destiny holds the upper hand, we all know. Be yourself and move on. Stay blessed!!

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  2. What a beautiful poem that so well describes your love of Joy Harsh!
    Joy will always be with you, although you won’t be able to physically touch him, you live in each other’s heart. I do like animals more than a lot of people, because they ask for so little and give so much.
    You picked the perfect name for him becuase he brought so much joy to you! His passing near Diwali was no accident as his light will always live in your heart even though his light on earth went out and now he can cross over to the rainbow bridge and be a shinning star for you all.
    Take care while you take the time you need and find solace in the memories that you have in your heart. ❤️ Cindy

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    1. Dear Kumar,

      I would like concur with and echo Cindy’s words regarding your losing Joy, your beloved family member and pet. What a wonderful dog you have had!

      Since you have composed for us such a fine and moving post entitled “To Sunsets and Beyond…”, I would like to resonate and complement the spirit and tenet of your post with my musical composition entitled “The Sunset Lingers On”:

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