The days of the dark….

The skies today carry a something magical,
And I am here holding your hand with a smile so fantastical,
Everyday we wake upto days that test us,
Prepare the will, make the best of us,
These Days bring with them the gift of experience,
Every passing day we keep on on adding something to this experience,
We grow, we learn, we fall, we rise,
Everyday is a gift,
We sometimes cannot see clearly,
There will be times when these days will be cruel,
Will hurt you, maybe even make you fall,
But these days are limited,
Sufferings are limited,
The days of dark always end,
With a sunlight far so transcend,
Smile away these days,
Remember we learn only from our mistakes,
We fall to rise,
We break to reorganise,
We jump to fly,
We shout to cry,
Remember everything happens for a reason,
The dark comes to make space for light,
The leaves die only to make space for the new bright,
The world rotates to be alive,
And you are still thinking about the days when no none was alive,
So stop here,
Let the mind think again,
Let the old be forgotten,
Learn from mistakes,
Forgive those who couldn’t understand,
You are an individual,
The most beautiful creations of the heavenly,
Far too intricate, sophisticated and yet too simple and serene.


A course redesigned it seemed,
Was it destiny or maybe the deed,
The clock ticked with every blow,
Heavy, easy and it all went so slow,
The bonds that are formed with each passing day,
The love that collects with each passing pray,
Is the one that helps us grow,
Grow out, build a glow,
We are nothing but puppets,
Pull a thread and see us tickle,
These threads stay with ones we want,
The ones that stay with us in our every grant,
We want them to pull our threads,
Ah! Is it love or something far more sacred,
Sometimes we find them,
Was it destiny or maybe the deed,
I never knew that I will find you,
Lost in the meanders,
I was all mew,
You say it is deeds that make our destiny,
But there is something definitely called as destiny,
We met over a photo clicked minutely,
I am glad it was you who had created it picturesquely,
I wish this bond grows more than friendship,
I want to share many things more than the hardship,
You are a beauty who remains hidden from your eyes,
Wish you could see through my eyes,
You will see a site far beautiful,
Than the rising rise,
Than the shining sky,
Than the whistling by,
Than the dreams that imbibe.

Happy Father’s day Papa 

An ode to my Hero.
An ode to my Father.

The Crimson eyes and the merrying rows,
The wish that slept in the whistling brows,
The water that went straight down the Gullying cheek,
The sparkle that rose the brave from the meek,
The only thing kept us going,
Was papa you and your indomitable spirit of always moving,
A step away, 
A distance fade away,
Time is what it all takes,
For you to make us grow with sakes,
Another day, another night,
Papa your presence makes it alright,
We fear, we fall,
Always we try to call,
With eyes of affection,
With ears of calculation,
Papa you hear us,
Without any reason,
Without any constitution,
The days when the thunder was too loud,
The days when the low was the new shroud,
You covered our ears,
Said son see the dancing bears,
All of this will be over,
Nothing lasts forever,
And we would hide in your shoulders,
Just like the moon,
Skips a night,
Hides in the fluffy sky,
And the day would rise,
Papa you would carry your own sunshine,
You tell the world my moon is the brightest,
Try to harm it and see my darkest,
You would boast of things still so little,
The drawing we made, the cake we almost strangle,
You carry us when we drop,
How do you do that,
Each time, every other day,
You stand up, even when your legs don’t permit,
You are never tired,
Never do you lose the composure that we all crave,
You told us stories of fairies,
Of heroes who won over territories,
But every day we saw a hero,
Dress up, Prepare for a battle,
And even after a tiring battle,
Would come to home,
And ask son let’s build a new home,
He would move his hands over us,
Only to let us enter the realms of thoughts contagious,
And close the door behind himself,
He is my moon,
I would hear him say every time to himself.

A Farewell to a Friend

The day is fresh in my memory,
The day when I shook my hands with you,
The day it was a regular,
Time has made it more than regular,
You were a friend,
I would call whenever,
And you were there forever,
The assignments we took,
The days when we were off the hook,
There was one thing that kept us going,
Showed us the path, kept us moving,
I was a little snappy,
But you made me happy,
I unleashed my wrath on you,
But never did you fumble,
Anything that we shared,
Memories that we had bred,
Never did the world bother,
It was me and you who had it cornered,
The days when there was no joy,
We created some coy,
The things we tried on our way,
Remember the fall we had that day,
This city will be different without you,
But I hope maybe one day I will be invited by you,
To celebrate the memories,
To live back the glories,
Looks like a century has passed,
Everything looks now so marshed,
I am writing this in a jiffy,
You are the one who needs to calm the sissy,
A memorial has to be created,
Remember this man who had it formulated,
All the best for the life ahead,
Have faith whenever you fall by the head,
There is Light at the end of every tunnel,
There is another day after every another,
Forget the past,
Have fun today,
Create a future,
Where we all would stay,
Remember this man whenever you feel,
I am all husky to see you leave. 

If I was a butterfly

If I was a butterfly,
I would have wings to fly,
I would grow a long nose,
Smell many lilies and rose,
I would jump over gardens and plants,
Forget what the nature grants,
I would flow with the wind,
Break a leg or may be a hind,
I would dance under the moonlit sky,
May build a house under the starry sky,
Watch over the ones,
Who sleep at night,
Then sleep on a bed crafted for me,
May leave a space for another me,
Meet new butterflies over the flowery feast,
Ah! What an experience,
May be I’ll make a friend,
If I was a butterfly,
I would have wings to fly,
This world would be an adventure,
I would love to try.

The days of thunder

The days of thunder,
Are the days I wonder,
The sky is blue,
Or the world is it true,
The wind flow,
The trees grow,
Seasons start,
The days that pass,
The days of thunder,
Are the days I wonder,
The dreams we had,
The bonds we shared,
The people we miss,
The missions accomplished,
Was it worth it,
The days of thunder,
Are the days I wonder,
Things that were left behind,
Doors that were closed behind,
Will they open again,
Will they work again,
Memories haunt me,
The past surprises me,
The days of thunder,
Are the days I wonder,
The sky is blue,
Or the world that is true.