It slowly takes over me,
The melodious cacophony of the night,
Dorned with scents velvety,
It pierces my heart,
Into many pieces,
The few I bleed everyday when I wake up,
Onto the side of the bed,
You are not here,
I plunge myself into oblivion,
The brothels sometimes hear my stories,
For my mind knows those bodies aren’t you,
This wretched vessel still needs a beating heart,
A touch not even remotely close to as yours,
My eyes deceive me often,
And I see myself falling into abyss,
Every time a figure resembling you,
Touches me, comes even close,
For a sweet serenade the night sings,
I hold onto strangers,
They kill me softly,
And I close my eyes,
As breath becomes my only enemy,
The other side of my bed,
The only side of my bed……..

Woman enjoying foggy mountain morning from the hotel of Sa Pa, Vietnam

42 thoughts on “Bed…

      1. Haan! Aaj se posting change huyi and reporting time 8.30 hua…kaha pehle 11 tha…ne pura din college me gya…phir Thoda unwell feel hone laga to so gyi room pe aake and phir tab se time pass kar rahi🤭🤭

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Fruits wagera hain…late uthi to breakfast bhi bas jaldi karke bhagi class and Lunch was pathetic🤢🤢
        Kal se Dhyaan rakhna nahi to mushkil hoga aise. Thank you so much😀😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Han yaar dhyan rakho. Strange times hain vaise bhi these. Agar itna accha nhi khana toh tiffin vagerah dekh lo. When I was in Delhi we tried we some restaurants that delivered khana. Or sabse better toh hai to get a maid but I don’t think itna possible hoga udhar. Sabse best hota maid. Apne hisab se banwao khana. Tiffin ho jata toh theek varna you could milke do teen log maid rakh sakte.
        Ismein kya thank you ji. 😇
        Bas dhyan rakho.

        Liked by 2 people

      4. Yaha na kuch possible nahi. Abhi to yaha bahar se order bhi nahi kar sakte, corona ke chakkar me mana hain. Maid to possible nahi.

        Me and my friend we made our own food when food is not good but aaj aisa hua ki both of us were too busy to make food. Lunch me to mess se guzara karna padta…time nahi rehta…baaki dinner to hum khud bana lete when is food is bad!

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      5. 6 months to koi possibility nahi ghar jane ki…..wapas aake 7 days quarantine…kaafi time waste

        Chalo me soti abhi…nahi to subah jaldi nahi uthna….aap jana kal office with muscle spasm and pura din enjoy karna!😛🤭🤣

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Cindy. 🥰😇 I become good because of readers like you who appreciate what i write. 😇
      Indeed. Joy was such a big loss for me. I miss him many days. But i know i have to move on. Its hard but its the right thing to do.
      Thank you so much Cindy. 😇😇

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You are sooo welcome and deserving.
        You write from your heart and soul which is what makes your readers follow and applaud you!
        Yes, I bet you do miss him, It’s still sooooo hard, I know.
        You’re most welcome! ❤️

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