ना जाने ख़ुदा से क्या रंजिश हुयी,
किस वक़्त, क्या समा हुयी,
जिस ख़ुदा को पाक मान लड़ी थी हीर राँझे के लिए,
उसी खुदा से मेरी यह नियत आज ख़फ़ा हुयी…….


As she was slowly smothered by time,
Her memory, her laughs,
The imperfect perfections,
The ink in my pen had started to wither,
Betrayed by the mind,
Or by a drug of different kind,
My end is near,
The ink had run its spell,
My pen slipped into my ear,
Maybe she can save you,
The one who dares to be your muse O dear…..