I see small, minuscule pieces of myself,
Scattered over the glazed floors,
White marble on the roofs of euphoria,
A little over there and little beyond the cracks,
As sunlight burns some pieces,
The rain washes some,
The storm dirties them yet again,
And the autumn helps them shed their skin,
For a belief that stays with me,
On days when people walk over me,
And behemoth crushes my vision,
I will see you,
One day, beyond these days that have been altering me,
The course, rough edges that belittle into a perfect circle,
And bring me warmth and peace written somewhere in the myths,
Like Cupid and Psyche,
Forever and beyond,
A happy ever after…..


If love comes and it comes close,
When you are tired and hopeless and numb,
The skies the shade of grey,
And winds that fumble of a sound low,
Hold it and hold it tight,
Like the will of a fighting gazelle,
What if it slips away,
Can love finds its way?