The rain was always dear to him,
The little drops falling from the skies,
Always made him wonder,
How the water changed its forms,
Once it is solid,
The other fluid,
How the earth would rejoice,
Meeting the drops,
The distance turned to a sensation,
It would light up,
Donned in the musk of its glory,
The rain brought him the news of the stars,
The rainbows that split light,
Into colors she didn’t know she had,
And would calm the winds,
Rustle up the slumbering trees,
The weeds too,
Sometimes would dwell inside him,
Would turn the color of his blood,
Golden and dark,
Flow through his eyes,
Onto his guitar,
Onto the canvas,
Neglected for a time so long,
Rain was special to him,
Rain was his sails,
The ships he never sent away……



ज़र्रा ज़र्रा तेरा ही नाम ले,

इबादत को झुके जो सिर,

हर शक्स उसका नाम ले,

परदे में तो हर इंसान ना जाने क्या कुछ है,

रेहमत पड़े जो तेरी तो हर इंसान खुदा ही है,

बारिश की कुछ बूँदें आज मुझपे भी बरसा ऐ मालिक,

ज़रा देखें तो मुझमें भी क्या है तू मालिक।।।।


Tiny drops of the moist hop,
Fall with the wind in a misty crop,
Juggle, muggle and struggle with the dirt,
An identity gone, mixed in the dirt,
They moist the tiniest of the notions,
Sometimes even initiate motions,
Drenched in the rain I was wondering,
Is it me or the heart that is mistering,
Everyday we wake upto crawl,
Ever night we sleep into a brawl,
There is a hope that keeps us strong,
Tomorrow is a new day, Push through the throng,
The drops run with the wind,
Freshen every core till the hind,
They create fragrance far too brown,
An imagination grown of a distant crown,
We fail to notice the small in life,
The drops being the smallest prife,
And tend to run after the big,
Small and small become so big,
They stream into a river,
Fall down the gorge,
Become a sea farer,
They lose,
They gain,
In the end it all becomes the same,
Struggling with the pace of my life,
I realised this in a tone so rife,
Juggle, muggle and struggle with the dirt,
An identity gone, mixed in the dirt.