Electricity is a very esteemed guest where I live( if you know what I mean 😜) But yesterday it was not at my home. It was pitch dark in the entire colony and as usual I was awake. I thought of an adventure, to try to scare my Amma who usually by that time of night would be fast asleep. 

I took my flashlight and with soft steps came down the stairs towards my parents room. 

As I was reaching there, my Amma in a sarcastic tone said, ” Yeh Mashal leke kahan ghum rha hai.” And I was, ” kuch nhi Amma, pani lene aya tha.” Only if there was electricity she would have known that she had just buried her son alive. 

Why. Just why Amma…

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70 thoughts on “Mashal..

      1. no worries Kumar. just take your time, sometimes we just need the right time to do things! don’t be sorry, enjoy your weekend!

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      1. yes.. πŸ™‚ and yap yap yap fun.. it will be indeed a lot of fun if blog friends parents meet.. or even the siblings πŸ˜€

        Innovative us at 1:22 in the morning, raining in bombay, what about in chandigarh..

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      2. it is magical.. I’ll tell you why.. rain and wind in the background, him on guitar, a chilly night.. a cup of hot coffee near by.. what more do I want..owe this to you, Harsh ❀

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      3. I am glad you liked him Ash. You don’t owe me anything. Just enjoy the feeling. I hear him when I need a positive energy. Do watch when he plays a guitar. Guaranteed goosebumps. 😍

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      4. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt came to campus as part of a cultural programmed and performed on the Mohan Veena at 2 am. By the time he entered, almost the entire audience was half asleep. He ordered the lights to be switched on.. and for the next 2 hours, he didn’t allow any of us to sleep! it was one of the best things in the world what he did! reminds me of that night! this

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      5. I haven’t attended such a concert ever. Although I had always wanted to. I can very well imagine now that you have made me imagine that night. You know once a very special person introduced me to him and I am his fan ever since. I try imitating him sometimes but he is a genius. I hope someday I would listen to a live classical concert. You are lucky Ash to have been there.

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      6. Come over, he came part of Spic macay, there are specifictimes of the year here this happens. His first piece he did it in the dark.. then he just ordered and played.. ! you have met him in person! wow! lucky you too.. his art, and his talk. in sync.

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