You to me…

Dear Miss yet to come,

How you have been? I was a little busy these days. Busy trying to figure where this life is taking me. 

Everyday is a new journey, a new hunt for something even we haven’t yet conceived. There are moments when nothing feels right. We take many bad decisions, many relationships that suck out the best from us, leaving nothing but scars for life. We want to apologize for things done intentionally or unintentionally.However, it may not be possible everytime. Whenever, it’s possible we do. Life never stops. It goes on. These things may although sound too rough for anyone who sees them from outside but inside these are life wrecking. Yet we sometimes stay like a pillar for everyone who needs us.

You know how difficult it is to be like this when a storm inside you is laying waste to many houses, many dreams ruthlessly. I tend to collapse when nobody is around because for many I am strong, I am a person who listens and sometimes recommend a course of further action. It is so difficult for me to say no to anyone that mostly I am mocked by other people. My decisions most of the times are governed by my heart rather than my mind which turn to be instantaneous. They say you are a fool. You don’t know how the world is. Grow up. Be mature. 
These times are heartbreaking Miss yet to come. I have no one to talk to. These are the times I want someone to listen to me. These are the times I want you to just ask me what’s wrong because I will never tell you what’s going inside me. Believe me when I say ask, you have to give your full effort. I am sorry if it’s too much. I may be angry, may barge the doors behind me. But I will tell you. 
Miss yet to come, you have to be very patient with me because even I haven’t yet completely unraveled myself. 
Dear Miss yet to come, you have to be the one who is mature when you will be with me, you have to be the smart one, the intelligent one. Everything that we decide will be a decision in the end of both of us and never ever think that I am ignoring everything around because there’s a storm brewing inside me everytime I say something loud or maybe sometimes nothing at all. 
I know this is too much to ask because we all expect our life partners to be mature enough to handle a situation if not well, then diligently. I assure you Dear Miss yet to come, I can be hard as a rock in times of heavy fire and can be as soft as a feather when I will be loving you. You will just have to bring out the best in me Dear Miss yet to come. That’s all I ask. 
Everything else, I will take care of.

Waiting for you.

With lots of love.

Kumar Harsh 

P.s – I learnt new songs on the guitar for you.