Something is fishy… 

Although I don’t say anything about people sharing my posts. But it would be nice if I was told that my posts are being shared. 

Plagriasm is a crime. Originality and the hard work of anyone goes down the drain during this process. 

Please take care. 
P. S- this came when I saw a completely similar blog which had some of my posts. 

61 thoughts on “Something is fishy… 

    1. No I don’t have anything like that Aanchal. I don’t mind people sharing my work. But it’s that a simple message that my work has been shared let’s me appreciate the person even more. I would love if people shared my work. ☺️

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  1. That’s appalling if someone is plagiarizing your posts. But I am glad you came across it. Keep an eye on that blog and if you are sure your posts are being plagiarized then please confront the author and either ask them to take your posts off or atleast give credits to you.

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