58 thoughts on “Rarely

  1. Nice images. It is amazing how one photo can be viewed in different ways. It is like life how the same situation can happen to five people. But everyone experienced it differently. Like the essence of each individuals soul felt the experience in a completely different manner than the others. Exactly like this image, it is only one photo but seen differently in the changes. This great very nicely done Harsh.

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      1. There is always something underneath the surface people just have to dig until it is reached. This was and is a perfect analogy to get people to step outside themselves, and look at things life people or themselves from a different perspective. It is a way of opening people’s minds to not be judgement but become understanding. πŸ™‚

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  2. wow Kumar, loved the way you looked at the same scene in different angles! It shows life is like that, you can have a situation and deal with it or look at it in any angle it suits you!! well expressed without any words!!! you out did yourself!!!

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