I am strong because I was weak. 
I know what’s loyalty because I was betrayed. 
I don’t care because once I had cared too much. 
I am silent now because the words that came out were often misinterpreted. 
I don’t wear clothes that are clean.
I have made mistakes, grave mistakes that shattered me, my image, my ego.

Choice is yours.

It’s a delusional world,  you see. We tend to be attracted towards the ones who ignore us, loyalty, faith, belief have been made cheap, disgusting by people who very proudly say they are the harbingers of love. 
What is love? 
Singing, dancing, romanticising is it love
Or is it something more deep, something more divine. 
All, including me, you, are hypocrites. We wear faces, masks that cover the one face we don’t show to anyone, falsely accusing anyone who crosses our ways. Because it is easy to accuse, get done with the responsibilities and oh yes,  wear a mask so that the entire universe sympathizes with you, glooming over the fact that you have been a victim of an attack. But, the real face, the one you haven’t shown to anyone, yes that one, it is the one true you. 
I admit today I am not happy with what my that face has shown me. The past, the many devious concoctions. But yes, I am ready to improve, ready to let go off everything to start afresh, build new foundations for the future. We were made to make mistakes, mistakes that taught us that fire should not be played with, that a bleeding wound needs to be looked at or else you will be infected, that throwing a stone at the sky will hit you back, sometime.
Yes, I am ready to show my face to the world. 

The question is, are you….? 

36 thoughts on “Faces..

  1. Most of the generation don’t understand , what does mean by love. There are million of definition whom to believe.

    Good write !😊

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  2. When you love someone, everything seems perfect. But as and when you go deep into the relationship, the harsh realities come by. At that point is the real test. How good you can accept the real face of your partner. A good relationship stands on trust, acceptance and respect. Very difficult but if you can accept your partner the way he/she really is, then life becomes much easier and love takes you for a beautiful journey for eternity.

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    1. Bilkul sach kha. I agree with every point of yours Mona, I do believe in love. Your view has added a new dimension to mine. Jaisa ap ne kaha, trust, respect and acceptance are pillars of a relationship. But sometimes the other face may turn out to be ugly. What to do when trust, respect goes down the drain because of a truth that could make someone vulnerable. It’s difficult to lay open your wounds and when someone does it, there comes an expectation that a person may even if not understand but just accepts it. You know it takes courage to see that face that you have been hiding all your life. And the people who do that are beautiful than anyone else in the world. That’s what I think. Sometimes we are not enough for some people. They take us for granted and when they realise their mistake, its too late.

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      1. True Harsh. Sometimes you get into relationships wherein your partner doesn’t respect you, will take you for granted, won’t be true and honest with you. You can’t control the way your partner behaves with you. But at least you do have a control on how good and peaceful you want your life to be. Such relationships do get bitter with time. When you realize this, you must do yourself a favor. Ditch that uncaring fool and move on for good. God will have better things in store for you. I know it takes time to heal but finally you will be out of it and lead a normal life.

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      2. Hanji Mona. It’s a pity to see their faces change so quickly. The amount of Shit they can say about you and yet the world believes them because they wore a face infront of them as well. But har cheez ki koi limit hoti hai. And at one point of time you stop caring. Theek kha ap ne. We should do ourselves a favour an exit from such a thing. It definitely takes time, a lot of time to overcome that period because it had drained you completely. But yes, I do hope ki someday people would become intelligent and hear the other side of story before judging someone.

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  3. That is some serious stuff there Harsh.
    I think when we know somebody like that, we will like them.. but we when start knowing them more and more, for instance say make your best friend your roommate, then everything just topples over. Then since we see the 24/7 in all their glory and moods, we or them may not be able to put on those masks! but if we can cross that hurdle.. there begins a relationship.. which may last longer. But sometimes some people have the knack to just know you like that..

    What have you and my darling Joy been up to on a Sunday…

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    1. Hi Ash, how are you? I totally agree with you that a relationship( any kind) is not all about merries and happiness. It is also about gloom and sadness. Anybody changes faces, that’s human tendency. We have made peace with it. But some people just change masks too often. And in the process sometimes they just mock you around. Like a pied piper they just morph your actions into the ones they desire. Those are the people I am talking about.
      Nobody is perfect and why should be anybody perfect. But what all I ask is to just slow down the masks one wear. A genuine change of mood is justifiable. Just like you once told me, a person demeaning their own work 16 times. Hahaha

      Joy and I went for a drive. I was driving and he sat next to me while we were the center of attraction of every individual on the road. Haha. He had put his face outside the window and he even barked at a cycle. The cycle vala gave me some horrifying looks. Haha

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      1. Joy barked at a cycle wala hahahaha 😘😍

        I think some people forget that they wear masks! Because they are so used to it, they forget what their real selves are! And this urge to please everyone I think that is what brings up the masks in the first place! What say.. In comparison we are all such innocent souls who emote as and when we feel like without a care about who is looking watching judging … Mm

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      2. Yes, that’s the thing. You cannot please everyone and at some point of time you will be left alone. This is a truth no matter what happens. In the end it is you who have to live with. Definitely, the one who is free is the who doesn’t care what others think about him/her.

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      3. Hanji, sab theek hai. Bas voh aj kal thoda late sota hun toh dimag zyada chalta hai. Kal I slept at 8 in the morning. Matlab aj. Haha. Itna kuch tha sab bna likhun toh bas dimag fat jata hai. Haha.
        Baki you tell, aajkal kafi busy.

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