At Home……

As the lights slowly dimmed,
The sharpness of his vision slowly fading,
Sounds drove him to places, 
Scents guided him towards the known,
When senses fail sometimes memories speak to you,
The wrinkles on the face,
The curves on the body, 
Darkness had engulfed his sight,
Fears ran amok, 
Rioting in his mind,
But as he closed his eyes,
The way his Momma had taught him,
Years before she had passed into the light,
He could see his friends, 
Their little hands as they held them together,
And he saw his Momma, 
Beautiful as always,
Daffodils in her hair,
Winds blowing her hair slowly,
She held his hands,
Made him Apple Pie,
Just like the 4th of July,
He was at Peace,
The rioters in deep slumber,
As his mind slowly lied down,
He was at home,
He was loved………

20 thoughts on “At Home……

      1. ☺️☺️. Thank you so much for the compliment Nawaz. I am smiling here because of you. 😊. I guess we all are writers in some way or the other. Me, I just a normal being who speaks through his writing. 😇

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  1. There is a time in our lives when mothers and homes become synonymous. And memories of days in the past are what keep us going and bring us peace. Your poetry is beautiful as always, Harsh! I love the intricacies of each moment you described. It was like I lived those words as I read them. ✨

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