Company of Women…..

I seek the company of women,
The swaying of the earth,
And the wobble of the ground,
Distances mean nothing to me,
I feel warmth through the air,
Lust, thirst or the ache in my body,
The slow movement of blood,
Rises to my temple,
A woman does that to you,
Or maybe something invisible,
The dire need of the hour,
Rock solid her foundations,
She carries royalty in her palanquin,
Her body her abode,
Her mind her greatest power,
She can scorch the fields with her eyes,
Or calm the oceans with her touch,
I seek the company of women,
For they destroy you or build you again,
Fortunate are you if both are one,
Its the meek those sometimes think they can dominate her,
Foolish, ignorant, unaware,
For she lets one handle her,
Channel her energy,
Royalty resides in her every fabric,
And thunders in her nails,
Eyes of perversion rarely see,
The perils that invade her,
On days that aren’t kind to her,
As she fights silently with the criminals,
Other than those which frequent her,
But still each day brings sunshine,
The fortunate ones to know her,
For she keeps secret in her heart,
The world couldn’t bear to know,
They say to know a woman is to know the universe,
How true it seems,
Proliferation starts from her womb,
And ends in her navel,
I seek the company of women,
To be a part of their ascent to clouds,
The endless flight in speed of light,
As they guide me through the galaxies unseen…….

47 thoughts on “Company of Women…..

  1. What a beautiful poem and how lucky is the woman who ends up with you Kumar. One who has sensitivity in your heart and apprecaition for the unniverse in her eyes, under her nails, her womb and delivers heart felt messages that are so poetically delivered. The very home where birth starts and creates connection for all. You are a catch… here catch a banana from me.. 🍌🤣❤️ Cindy

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      1. Absolutely fine, Thankyou Harsh!😊
        Just having hectic schedule these days.

        Accha tell me, what about your ‘stree’ kinda story😁. I really wanted to know how that story ended.😀I have missed all the new updates due to my busy schedule. Pls share me the link here.
        Thanks in advance. Have a good day😊

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  2. Impactful weaving of themes from ancient mythology to present. The enemy – objectification – continues to cloak itself. These verses are empathetic and humanising. These two traits are sorely lacking in our society even with all the battles, takedowns and cancellations.

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    1. Thank you Lily. Objectification is such a malice that pervades us even still. The tragedy is when the women that promote patriarchy and objectification even more. Education is just superficial where the highly educated may still lack the ethics required for a wholesome function. Just like you said, empathy and humanism are two traits that become endangered day by day as we engulf ourselves in selfishness and greed. No battle will really be ever victorious if the root cause, the thought that a man and a woman are equal will be the order of the day. It’s sheer luck that the arrangement of chromosomes happen in an individual that turns it into him or her. Thank you for reading and commenting Lily. 😇

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      1. Thank you for advocating for the other half of the equation. You’re right. We need to be split in half to facilitate the process of reproduction. Nature is efficient like that. Pity it’s turned into a political issue.

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      2. Thank you for asking. It’s all planned out so the story is not a problem. I have a few more tough questions to answer and I’m writing new scenes this weekend. But it’s going very well.

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  3. I had saved your post in the morning to read it after my classes are over. But in that one there was a picture also. Its the same poem na. I tried commenting on that but an error message is showing. Now I found the same post without that pictures.
    I must say its very beautifully written and adorable too.👍🏻👍🏻Who is the beautiful lady in the picture 🥰

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      1. Why are you saying sorry, its up to you what you want to share with others. You shouldn’t have deleted that picture. It was really complementing your poem. Convey my greetings to her 🙏🙏💕💐

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  4. “For she keeps secret in her heart,
    The world couldn’t bear to know,
    They say to know a woman is to know the universe,”….
    .. I just can’t describe in words the way you have presented this magnificent work of yours…
    Adding few words as a comment will be unjust
    So, yeah, keep writing harsh 🌈

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    1. Wow Aushi. Thank you, you made my day. 😇 Every comment here is an extension to what I write. How can they be unjust. 😇 I am happy that you liked these. Hope you are good. Waiting for a masterpiece from you. Stay safe and take care Aushi. 😇

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