Life is an exciting routine……

There always will be a better body, a glowing face, something exciting, some one very new. We tend to be attracted to something different because everytime we see something new our hearts notches up the pace a little.  It’s all a part of the evolutionary process. Our systems are designed to react to something unusual. But hey, have you ever realised what it would be like to not see the sun each day, not to feel the breeze fill up your shirts, not to hear that voice everyday. Respect what is there, hope for the better, enjoy what is forever……

11 thoughts on “Life is an exciting routine……

  1. Wow this is a incredible write one of my favorites you’ve written. The title is awesome too. The last lines are my favorite they are so true and beautiful. You are a strong man only strong men can express their hearts true emotions like you do. Great poetry flows from you naturally. Your mind is very creative that is a beautiful thing. Though provoking wise words you carry within Keep it up handsome smiley

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