31 thoughts on “Piano… 

      1. My eye sight is very bad it is not normal. I am can’t really see because I am nearly blind. I have to get special contact lenses for my eyes to help correct what is wrong. Thing is it will take a long time for my eyes to get better if they get better. I am scared I might go blind. But, I am trying to remain positive

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      2. Yes I saw one today, I was hoping my sight had gotten better but no. I am hoping one day it will get better. I don’t want to lose my sight.

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      3. He told me these contacts will help but is going to take a long time because my eyes vision is really unique. I am praying they do. I have never been able to see clear ever. I am really hoping these contacts work because to be able see and see clear would make me so happy. So I will wear these and hope for the best. He told me to try to stay posits and that he is going to do everything he can to help me see better

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