An Empire in the making…..

He lacked the cement,
She lacked the supports,
Together they built the biggest empire,
For the world to see,
It didn’t start well,
Many a times it fell,
Sometimes the cement, 
Sometimes the supports,
But they kept going,
Every night, 
Every day,
They woke up, 
Buried the day before,
Sometimes they broke,
Wanted to separate,
Sometimes the cement,
Sometimes the supports,
Kept them together,
Kept them moving,
The plan didn’t work out well,
The ground shook,
The Empire fell down,
Salvaged their pieces.
Started again,
The world would laugh,
See the crazy peeps,
They would say,
He was hurt,
She was hurt,
They both were hurt,
But the cement was strong,
The supports rigid,
They worked day,
They worked the night,
Sometimes when it rained,
Or the snow would fall,
Festivals were a distraction,
Lights were too expensive,
An Empire was in the making,
One day they made something beautiful,
A life, moving hands and those cute eyes,
Oh, I am not hungry,
One would say to other,
One day or the other,
The life grew like a plant,
The cement was strong,
The supports rigid,
One day it became a tree,
With roots strong, 
With branches that could support,
They both sat together,
On a Sunday morning,
A cup of tea, some cookies too,
Looked at each other,
Bodies not too strong,
Eyes that needed glasses,
Looked upto the tree,
Congratulations! The Empire is complete….

It’s hard for me and many people like me to say things out loud. This blog gives me something which is definitely difficult to explain in words. 

For a long time I wanted to say these lines for my parents. The way they toiled so that their sons could shine. 

This little piece cannot ever compare to what they did for us children. But then we mustn’t let our feelings go down the drain, something I was taught everytime. 

This little piece is for all the parents out there, who struggle everyday with their lives and yet come home to a smiling face, just to see their kids. 

And as they say to us brothers everyday, We are the Empire they have built over the years,

This is for my, Yours and everyone’s Amma and Papa…. 

69 thoughts on “An Empire in the making…..

  1. Awww..
    Same here . Both of them were working so I used to be alone at home after school until late evening. No point in vacations too as I spent almost all of them at home. But looking back now, I feel we are much better than before, their toiling day and night dint go in vain.😊

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    1. Yes Rekha. When my parents went out working, I used to have my brother. He is the best friend I have never found in anyone. We used to do all kinds of wicked stuff. Haha.
      It’s beautiful don’t you think. When we look back in time to see our roots, where we came from and where have we reached, you can appreciate everything even more.

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      1. I found a best friend in me😂😂 I might seem selfish but being alone made me independent. 😊
        I never did anything wicked though.😂😂😂
        People talk about their childhood, with mum being a housewife and I always have a different story to tell them. Feels nice. 😊

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      2. 😂😂😂😂😂 I almost got killed for that story.😛😛 Sabse bhayanak tha woh story.😂😂😂😂😱😱😱

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      3. 😂😂😂 mera dost Abhi bhi bolta hai, zabardast story tha woh. Uski cousins Ko bhi sunaya usne woh story.😂😂😂😂👻👻👻👻

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    1. I read your post Ishita. That was some heart touching writing. Our dads I think are not from here. They are somewhere different. I think if I could be even an atom of man he is, my life would be complete.


  2. It gave me tears.I really salute the idea of such a beautiful poem completely dedicated to parents.All the lines suited deeply well.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. This is an amazing piece you whipped up Kumar!!! It only shows that your parents toil wasn’t wasted at all 🙂
    Simply speechless…would love to re blog it please 🙂

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    1. Thank you Chitra. Happy are those who make the best out of my what they have. My parents knew this and they did their best to keep both us brothers happy.
      And please re blog if you wish. 🙂
      Thank you so much for this Chitra. 🙂

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  4. You have such beauty about you Harsh, heart and soul..seems all of your parents hard work has paid off I would say because shine is exactly what you do! 🙂 ❤ 🙂 I hope you never stop writing…you construct such love it is beautiful to read.

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  5. When you look back on your life and see the hard times you’ve over come you began to really see and be thankful of everything that was done for you when you were young so you would be able to achieve and have much more once you’re older. What a lovely incredible piece of writing. You truly are great words the ability to expression emotions into heartfelt words is not always easy for anyone. But, you’ve done a wonderful job of doing so. Just a like stream made of poetry your words flow remarkably.

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    1. Yes Morgan. Those times when everything was so difficult, when the only thing on mind was that the stomachs of the family would be full was the question of each day. Those times were difficult and that’s why when we remember them, we can appreciate the good that has come out of it. I am a simple man Morgan, whatever was written here was just pure, simple emotions and anyone can feel these emotions. That’s what they are for.
      Thank you for reading and commenting Morgan. You made me smile.

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  6. This one has touched. Great post. I might never express this feeling so wonderfully as you have done through this post.
    But true the words, this one is dedicated to all the parents out there who have backed us with rigid support and unclaimed understanding. Nice work, Harsh. Great, in fact.

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    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation Anushka. I could do this because everyone, people like you could understand the emotions behind this. It wasn’t possible if nobody understood this and to understand this, one doesn’t need anything new. This is a feeling almost everyone of us has but rarely ever mentions.
      I was just a pawn.
      Our parents do deserve bugger things than this. But yes, it’s still a start.
      I am happy that this little piece of work you could reason with. 🙂

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