Are you a prisoner…..? 

31 thoughts on “Are you a prisoner…..? 

    1. Hahaha, well said Sachin. School was such a relief. Just today I visited my college and everything was changed. The chairs were we sat, the classes, the faces everything was different. This is human tendency don’t you think, we tend to take things for granted and then when they are no longer there, we want them again.

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  1. Jeez Harsh! You are so right! What a beautiful mind you have truly! Wise beyond your years! I just love it! Keep clicking everywhere you go..your photos serve as great inspiration I have a feeling! I wanted to post an owl emoji to you but cant find one hahaa ya know for being so wise and all..will you accept this 🎄in its place? Cuz well its prettieee! hahaha! I wouldnt touch it if I were you its covered in glitter! 😀 (auto correct has told me I have made 7 mistakes in this comment how lucky! You’re welcome! hehe)

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    1. Hahahaha, this comment made me smile so big Maureen. I am what we all are, an owl. Haha. I love this Christmas tree. It has been Maureenafied. Haha. Well we both share a mutual enmity with autocorrect. Damm you autocorrect! Haha

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