To all you….

​She cooked in a pan of sky, 
A story of swords and kites, 
A night in a shining armour, 
On the wings of a dragon, 
With eyes open wide and far, 
She cooked a dream in a pan of sky, 
And let it fill the room to her doors, 
The aroma, the garnishing, 
Was all unique, 
Just like a little breeze……… 

9 thoughts on “To all you….

  1. I like this. It reminds me of a poem I wrote when I was a troubled kid. Let the light of the sky and the lingering scent fill up all of those dark rooms…

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  2. Oh my…..pure bliss… I could picture this whole thing as I read it Harsh as if it was a fairytale Ive known my whole life!! Keep stringing words straight from the very heart of you my beautiful friend and your writings will out live us all!!

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