Lord O Lord… 

O Lord O Lord, 
Give me the strength to stand, 
When I fall, 
Bruised with wounds of my deeds, 
I lose faith, 

Want to close my eyes, 
The injustice in front of me, 
Dumb I become, 
Blinded by my ego, 
I see no one, 
Make me fall, 
So I see I am a speck, 
No identity, 
Nothing special, 

Give me pain, 
So I feel, 
This body is temporary, 

Don’t be a support to me, 
Let me make my own stand, 
Let me improvise, 
A boil there, 
A spoil there, 
A tattered shirt, 
A worn out shoe, 
The scent of blood and sweat, 
The nectar of success,
When I win, 
Don’t let it stay for long, 
Bring a new challenge, 
Something to learn again from, 
Change the rules of the game, 
Maybe fair, may sometimes be unfair, 
But let the Sun shine, 
Let the darkness stay not for long, 

Send me hope, 
Maybe family, maybe friends, 
Or maybe someone not known, 
I am a vessel of hopes and despair, 
Prick me with holes, 
Of sizes unknown, 
Let me leak, 
Let me bleach, 
Till the colors become my own, 

The winds by my side, 
Days when the winds may take a rest, 
Send me a letter, 
Sincerely yours, 

The dreams I see, 
The goals I set, 
Give me the courage, 
So they can live, 

Lord O Lord, 
Be with me, 
But stay away, 
Let me see, 
The God in me….. 

Shahz had asked me to do a quote challenge, I couldn’t write a quote but this is a poem I had an idea about for sometime now. Please do check her. She is amazing with words… 

61 thoughts on “Lord O Lord… 

  1. It is a incredible piece with so much emotion. I really love it. Poetic stream you flow with pure gift of words and the ability to express them with true feeling.

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      1. Harsh your heart soul genuine beautiful and so compassionate that is why your writing is so heartfelt. Because of you and your spirit

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  2. Beautiful supplication in a poetic form. Loved every word of it🙏
    No worries Harsh. I understand your position in continuing the challenge.All of us are in the same boat when it comes to Time.😊 Thank you for linking my blog 😄

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh yes Sachin. I think many things but very few get to the paper, a dilemma most of us face. We all love writing something or the other. I try to embed every word with the dignity they deserve. That’s a little effort I try to do.
        I am doing good. 🙂 it’s getting cold here. How about there

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      1. Okay bhaiji. And I still do hate this autocorrect.
        Chal abhi you sleep whenever you feel like taki kal sari energy physical education ko deke ani hai. Hahaa
        All the best again bhai for the exam. 🙂

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  3. You are one of the very few people that can leave me feeling speechless with what you write! This piece has moved me deeply and truly I have no words to explain to you why…Ive never thought myself to be a religious or spiritual person so tell me how does this poem touch me so? Im left in a state of wonder….

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    1. I am so glad Maureen you liked reading this. I wrote this thinking of myself. How I wanted me to be when I lose my way. God or Lord in this poem is a simple salutation to the real me or the person inside all of us. This poem touches that person Maureen. Spirituality is linked with a persons intellectual. You are religious and spiritual at the same time. You may not worship a God but you definitely are religious when it comes being compassionate to others and the duties you have to deliver.
      Thank you once again for making me smile. 🙂

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