Guitar Intro

Gum Hain Kisi Ke Pyaar Main

Originally Sung by:- Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar

Composed by :- R D Burman

Movie :- Raampur ke Lakshman (1972)

Intro arranged by :- Kumar Harsh.

A fantastic piece of music, composed by the genius R D Burman.

Please do comment about the arrangement.



I took the violin,
To play a tune,
Went over the Symphony,
Breathed the rhythm,
Moulded my fingers,
The sound was familiar,
Reverbed inside my lungs,
Came out a song,
The words,
The phrases,
And the alliteration,
My legs danced,
My heart raced,
A tune it was,
The guitar had exclaimed….

P.s – my two best friends. The two on whom I can rely anytime. They help me breathe systematically, listen more carefully.

They were two but one…

They were two most beautiful pieces of the puzzle. Simple yet sophisticated. It was refreshing to see them, hold hands, talk to one another, look at only to make the other person shy away. This bond they shared reminded me of the bond of the wind to the wind chime. The music is soothing when both of them work together. In harmony, synthesized to a perfect tune. ……….