He painted her a picture,
With him and her together,
Palaces set in grasses green,
The daffodils grew on the walls,
And birds nested in its windows high,
The sky was blue, violet and pink,
The villages had people merry,
Who worked hard for their princess,
The dresses she wore,
The scrumptious food on her plate,
He brought her stars from galaxies far,
The planets as her moon,
The Sun in her mirror,
He gleamed as she glowed,
She was enough for him,
Her smiles made his days,
The nights and even his dreamlights,
But love isn’t sufficient,
For the world judges the capacity of a chalice,
The wine it can hold,
The shinier the merrier,
Or some incoherent facts,
That they want to be true,
For love isn’t easy they say,
Love falls from the sky,
Onto the belly of the ocean,
Into our mouths,
And through our hearts to become,
Mountains, the volcanoes, the craters on the Moon,
Love isn’t difficult,
For it flows,
Just like water flows through crevices,
And fields of corn, the slimy clay,
Only to meet the Ocean,
The one that has loved her and would love her for eternities,
The salt in the ocean is their proof,
Love creates ripples in annals of time,
And binds the fate of two,
Unknown to other,
One born from the glaciers,
The other fell from the sky,
He continued to fall for her,
As she grew bigger than the canvas,
Slowly falling out of the sky,
Onto his palette of colors,
A color he may use,
Whenever his love would fall short,
His brushes still trace her,
Finger seldom forget touch so serene……