Wounded he picked his child up,
The wolves howled from behind,
Frightened he ran with all that was left in him,
Carefully planning his every move,
The child can live in peace,
Look at me dear son,
Nothing will happen to you,
As he covered his son with tattered clothes,
The snow slowly crept in his shoes,
And the cold shivered his spine,
The wolves could smell the blood from distances,
But he kept on moving,
Holding his son close to his chest,
He travelled for many years,
Protecting his child from the harbingers of deceit, malice or sins of his past,
He grew old as the bones in his body spoke a lot more than before,
Hair turned grey,
Vision a little blurry,
The son had now grown,
Rest on my shoulders O Father,
For the wolf shall guide the pack from above,
The pillars he built over the years,
The seeds he had sown sometime ago,
Your blood runs in my veins,
Dark, black and blue,
A debt now I shall pay,
My bones will carry,
My progeny shall say…..