The clouds slowly covered the night sky,
As the Earth yearned for the warmth of her lover,
Orion had been separated from her for what seemed eternities,
Why do you cry the clouds asked the weeping Earth,
Rivers slowly moving through the plains,
The oceans as if in deep slumber,
The villages had put off the lights,
Animals cuddled up in their burrows,
I don’t know the Earth said,
How the Orion became so important,
He sits above my sky,
With the Gods he eats,
The Venus, the prettiest of us all runs after him,
But everyday when my sky is clear,
And the moon falls behind me,
I see the stars align,
Dance to our tunes,
The Gods a witness to our affair,
I see Orion elegantly gazing across the infinities,
And somedays he would look at me,
And our eyes meet,
A smile from him,
I melt,
My glaciers reveal my sweet breast,
My oceans in turmoil,
The villages burst with commotion,
But the storm subsides,
I can see him,
And he can see me,
What more can I desire,
I am the land to Orion,
My universe his aura…….

Clicked this atop the Triund Mountain.